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Resume Templates optimized for ATS systems

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We've compiled a list of both free and premium ATS resume templates that you can use for your resume. Just over half of the templates are completely free with no strings attached, while the rest can be accessed with a Resume Worded account.

Data Analyst

This is an effective template you can use if you are applying for all data analyst roles in 2023, and showcases relevant data analyst skill sets in all parts of the resume, including the work experience, skills and projects sections. This resume is ATS-compatible and can be used when applying through online portals. Here's a few more reasons why this data analyst resume template works well:

Entry Level Data Analyst

If you're a recent graduate or student, use this entry-level data analyst resume template when applying to jobs. It uses extra-curricular and project sections to supplement your work experience.

Senior Data Analyst

Senior data analyst resumes should have sufficient experience with handling large data sets and experience working cross-functionally. Keep the following in mind too:

Analytics Manager

Analytics managers are senior-level data analysts that are more focused on managerial responsibilities than on data analyst projects. That said, they need to have a strong understanding of data analysis skill sets, so it's important to include relevant skill sets on your resume.

Marketing Data Analyst

Marketing data analysts are essentially data analysts that are focused on marketing and growth initiatives. The skill sets to mention on a marketing data analyst resume are generally exactly the same as other data analyst resumes, but you should also include marketing campaigns or tools in a skills section.

Financial Data Analyst

Financial data analysts are just data analysts that are in the financial industry. If you're applying for a data analyst role in 2023, you should include financial data analyst skills like Python and Finance Modeling into your resume.

Project Manager

When applying for a project manager role, you need to demonstrate that you have the right skills for the job. Your work history and skills section should show evidence of your abilities in areas such as time management, planning, and communication. If you have experience with specific project management software or methodologies, make sure to mention those in your resume as well.

Entry Level Project Manager

At first, it might seem intimidating to apply for project manager jobs with little to no prior experience in this line of work. But if you have a strong academic history and the skills to succeed as a project manager, you can break into this field. Use your resume to highlight projects you worked on in school, extracurricular activities, and any other experiences where you had to use skills such as problem solving and organization.

Senior Project Manager

As a senior project manager, you won’t only be managing projects; you’ll likely also be managing other members of your team. To get this kind of job, you’ll need to show that you have leadership capabilities along with the experience and expertise of a senior-level professional. Your work history should highlight any management or leadership roles you’ve held in the past, in addition to any previous achievements managing projects.

Technical Project Manager

Technical project management jobs often require you to have a background in IT, engineering, or another tech-related field. If you’re pursuing one of these positions, you’ll want to use your resume to highlight your technical expertise as well as your project management experience. This resume template will show you how to do just that.

Marketing Project Manager

Marketing project managers collaborate closely with the marketing department of a business. If you’re seeking a job as a marketing project manager, use a resume similar to this template to highlight your skills and experience in fields such as marketing, journalism, or communication.

Program Manager

As a seasoned project manager, you need to show off your achievements in your previous roles and connect your current skill set to this position. Your work history should detail your experience of implementing and streamlining processes, successful completion of projects with team collaboration, and effective time management. Catering to the role you’re applying to by highlighting any relevant program management experience you have is also important!

Marketing Program Manager

Every business needs marketing. The field has flourished over the last decade with the explosive growth of social media and endless channels to reach your target audience. A marketing program manager will work closely with the marketing team and cross-department communication is a must. This resume template will demonstrate your previous experience in marketing and communication.

Entry-Level Program Manager

The barrier to entering a new industry can be difficult, but you shouldn’t let that deter you from what you want to do and any windows of opportunities! After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. This entry level program manager resume capitalizes on your education, followed by your work experience and other applicable activities that make you a promising candidate to get your foot in the door.

Senior Program Manager

So, you have experience in this role and you’re looking for something new. This isn’t your first rodeo and you’re familiar with the world of program management -- if this sounds familiar, this senior program manager resume template is for you! This resume is heavily concentrated on your impressive work experience and transferable skills.

Technical Program Manager

The technical industry has wildly grown over the last several years, with many developer and engineer roles in high demand by startups and tech giants alike. As a result, technical program managers in 2023 are highly desirable and this resume template will show you how to stand out against the competition with powerful words and relevant examples.

Operations Program Manager

If you're in operations, make sure to focus your resume on how you improved general operations at your company, whether that's process improvement or creating systems.

Business Analyst

Business analysts use a wide variety of skills to accomplish their objectives. A few of the most essential skills include researching, documentation, data analysis, visual modeling, and communication. Many business analysts also work closely with IT departments, so having some technical knowledge helps, but it’s not always required. This resume template highlights many of these skills and provides examples of past achievements in the work experience section.

Entry Level Business Analyst

Business analyst positions may require more skills and experience than some other jobs do. However, if you’ve interned in business or data analytics, or if you have an educational background in areas such as computer science or math, you can still be a competitive candidate for a business analyst job. Emphasizing these experiences can be a good strategy if you don’t have much professional history.

Technical Business Analyst

A technical business analyst works directly with technological systems and processes. They need to be able to pinpoint problems by troubleshooting, testing, debugging, and analyzing software and hardware. When you’re seeking this type of position, your resume should focus heavily on how you’ve used your technical skills to design workable solutions for problems.

Senior Business Analyst

If you want a senior business analyst job, your resume shouldn’t only show your experience and accomplishments with business analytics; it should also demonstrate that you are highly motivated and have leadership capabilities. If you’ve been promoted in the past, or if you’ve coached or mentored other employees, mention these experiences so potential employers can see that you’ll be a good fit for a leadership role.

Agile Business Analyst

Agile business analysts specialize in the area of agile software development, which takes a collaborative, responsive approach to resolving software issues. To be a successful agile business analyst, you must be adept at working with a team while also designing excellent software that aligns with the Agile philosophy. Your resume should show that you are flexible, adaptable, and creative in your approach to solving problems.

Product Manager

This resume is well-organized and effective at conveying the successes of product managers who have had some experience in the field. Snippets of past positions, skills, education, and awards form a comprehensive picture of a well-grounded product manager who has worked their way up to a solid position and is looking to grow more with a new company.

Senior Product Manager

Companies seeking experienced product managers will be looking for demonstrations of effective leadership, and this resume works for that purpose. If your past accomplishments speak for themselves, this format will help you illustrate that you have navigated the field for a while - and that you are prepared for and willing to take on even greater challenges.

Entry Level Product Manager

Product managers who have less experience but sufficient education can remain in the running if they can incorporate their affinity for product manager skills in their resume. If you have similarly taken on related responsibilities (such as management of civic projects), or have relevant skills (which could lend well to international companies), make sure to include these in your resume.

Technical Product Manager

If your background is in technical skills, IT work, and working with data, you can relate this using a similar format that emphasizes your ability to put technical skills to use for a range of purposes. The clear use of organizational ability and numerical affinity are present in this resume, highlighting a data-based background.

Product Marketing Manager

The marketing and product management field is filled with job applicants who lack significant experience. This resume, by contrast, illustrates the marketing background of the product manager and does an excellent job at conveying a sense of continuous accomplishments at a variety of tasks.

Data Engineer

Employers are looking for data engineers with experience managing data and have the stats to support it. Your job history should include the different kinds of programs and data you’ve worked with. It also should explain the impact that your work has had on the company or its products. If you know the numbers (i.e. percentage of operating costs, results in savings, etc), then list them; show employers that your skills can bring their company value.

Senior Data Engineer

Senior data engineers need to do more than just use software to manage data. They need to be able to lead and guide junior data engineers as well. They need to show positive results in their work and show that they can instruct others how to do so too. For this job, your resume needs to explain what software you used, how it benefited the company, and preferably how many people you’ve managed or mentored.

Big Data Engineer

Big Data engineers need to have experience with various software engineering and design programs. They also need to work with other departments to effectively process big data. This resume shows experience interacting with other departments of companies to gather their data and achieve goals from it. It also shows how large the data is to emphasize the data this person had to work with.

Data Warehouse Engineer

Data warehouse engineers are essentially managers providing support to the data warehouse. They troubleshoot current procedures, strive to improve data organization, fix performance issues, translate data analysis into good data design, and collaborate with other data workers. A successful data warehouse engineer resume displays your higher-level skills and your effectiveness on teams.

Entry Level Data Engineer

If you’re just starting in the data field, it’s important to list as many relevant skills and experience as possible. Activities that were done while at university are useful to add (plus, use projects if you don't have much formal work experience!). This sample does just that: it lists work experience that uses skills relevant to data engineers. It also details experience taken while being a student through extracurriculars.

Social Media Manager

When applying for a social media manager role, it’s important to showcase demonstrated success and knowledge through relevant experience. In your work experience section, make sure to quantify your impact with numbers and timelines. Phrases such as “Increased digital reach from 75,000 to 350,000 in one calendar year” are more powerful than “Worked on increasing digital reach”.

Senior Social Media Manager

As a senior social media manager, you’ll likely be leading and managing a team of employees on top of your social media projects. The applicant notes that they “Improved employee retention by 87%” while managing both contractors and full-time employees. This shows the hiring manager that the applicant has expertise in both social media and management.

Social Media Marketing Manager

While social media management focuses more on the management and use of social media accounts, social media marketing management emphasizes generating leads to those accounts, or even the company’s website, through paid or organic channels. When applying for a social media marketing manager role, your work history and skills section should show evidence of your experience in such areas.

Entry Level Social Media Manager

Many students seeking their first entry level job may feel like they have little to no experience in their desired industry, or that they don’t stand a chance among the sea of applicants. If you feel that way, don’t worry -- everyone starts somewhere. Having a strong academic history or experience in relevant projects can effectively demonstrate your strong analytical skills, or even just an interest in social media that many recruiters often look for at the entry level.

Social Media Strategist

A social media strategist is a social media expert who focuses more on big picture strategy than the day-to-day management of social media accounts. This template includes a clear elevator pitch and lays out relevant work experience, education, and skills/certifications that are tailored specifically for such a strategic role.

Software Engineer

Software engineers with a few years of experience will want to list a good amount of relevant skills, and explain their application in their experience. This sample provides a list of skills needed for the job. It also talks about how those skills were used to deliver effective results. In your resume, talk about what skills/programs you’ve used and how you benefited the company from using them.

Entry Level Software Engineer

If you’re a recent college graduate or completed a Bootcamp, this is the resume template for you. The key here is for you to sell yourself with the skills you’ve learned, projects you’ve completed, and software tools you’ve used. Internship experience, if any, will be useful to highlight as well. This sample lists many activities, projects, and classes that are relevant to the position, and communicate effective use of the knowledge they have.

Senior Software Engineer

It takes more than being skilled in different software to excel as a senior software engineer. You also need to convey that you can effectively lead a team that delivers positive results. This sample demonstrates the success they’ve had bringing individual success and managing a team that also succeeds.

Software Test Engineer

Software testing is different from the other similar job titles listed. Instead of building software, you’re testing it. This sample explains how they did various quality assurance tasks to find flaws and boost performance. Add your achievements in your experience to show that you know what to specifically look for when testing software.

Operations Manager

A successful operations manager needs to have a variety of skills. Excellent communication and leadership skills are vital because operations managers must work effectively across different teams and departments. More than anything else, these managers need to be able to generate measurable results for companies. A resume like this one uses detailed examples and numbers to show how you made a difference in previous positions.

Business Operations Manager

Business operations managers may have more senior or executive roles at some companies than other operations managers. This resume showcases extensive experience within the field and accomplishments that demonstrate a high level of ability. Past promotions look good on any resume, but they’re especially important for business operations managers because they show leadership and proactivity.

Technical Operations Manager

Technical operations managers work closely with technical teams to ensure that projects run smoothly and are completed according to all necessary specifications. They need to balance technical concerns with the interests of the company as a whole. If you’re applying for one of these jobs, use a resume like this one to showcase a blend of technical and managerial abilities.

Sales Operations Manager

Some companies employ sales operations managers to oversee their sales teams. These managers have a myriad of responsibilities, including training new sales staff, fostering communication between employees and clients, and streamlining sales processes. When you’re seeking one of these roles, your resume should show that you have some background in sales as well as management.

Marketing Operations Manager

A marketing operations manager supervises and optimizes companies’ marketing efforts. They may plan and implement campaigns, manage social media accounts, analyze performance, and ensure that all projects and messaging align with the company’s brand. A resume like this one is a strong choice for aspiring marketing operations managers -- it emphasizes skills specific to marketing and work experience in related positions.

Operations Associate (Entry Level Operations Manager)

Operations associates can learn about business operations as they work to support the day-to-day functioning of a company. While you do need to be organized and conscientious for this type of role, you don’t need management experience for this entry-level role -- so use your resume to underscore your education and internship history, as shown in this resume.

Scrum Master

Experience is often what makes you stand out from the crowd. This scrum master resume has a strong focus on said experience with an impressive summary and all attention on previous roles. The skills, education, and other sections are an added bonus that complement your experience as a scrum master in your past positions. Let’s take a look at what this scrum master does right to stay competitive in 2023!

Agile Scrum Master

An agile scrum master is a more specialized version of a regular scrum master, and some familiarity and experience helps. This agile scrum master resume shows first-hand experience in the role of an agile scrum master, alongside a history of project management. The cherry on top is the other sections, which demonstrate a relevant education and transferable skills, specifically in relation to working with Agile.

Entry Level Scrum Master

Just because you’re fresh out of school (congratulations!) or you’re looking to change your career, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance to get into a company as an entry level scrum master in 2023. This resume template does a great job by showcasing your education and spotlighting your relevant internship and project experience in school to stand out from the crowd.

Agile Coach

Agile coaches are a vital part of implementing and streamlining Agile processes for a team, company, or both. They’ll teach Agile best practices, integrate new teams within existing non-Agile processes, and measure results of the implementation. This agile coach resume highlights your experience with Agile, coaching, and leadership. As a specialist in everything Agile, check out this agile coach resume template on how to catch the recruiter’s eye in 2023.

Web Developer

Progressive experience is the key theme in this resume template, which is best suited to web developers who have grounded experience in the field backed by a roster of skills and relevant education. If you have a similar background that involves increasing responsibilities and accomplishments, you can highlight it with this direct, succinct format.

Front End Web Developer

Front end web developers should aim to encompass each aspect of familiarity that experts in front end experiences are expected to have, from increasing user time on page, designing landing pages, improving conversion rates, and reducing customer complaints. This can be a lot to cover, but breaking it up into digestible bullet points is a good way to tackle it.

Entry Level Web Developer

Even without significant experience working for companies as a web developer, you can convey your capacity for the job by highlighting your skills and demonstrating how well you can put those skills to use. This can be done by including the relevant, skills-associated experience you have, either with companies, during your time in college, or with personal ventures.

Freelance Web Developer

Freelancers will want their web developer resumes to reflect their commitment to client satisfaction. Being able to recognize, meet, and exceed a client's needs with consistency is a solid method of demonstrating your prowess to new clients. This resume doesn't simply impart their client's satisfaction with fluff; instead, quantifiable improvements are included to illustrate measurable gains.

Senior Web Developer

Senior web developers will want to impart their ability to lead. In the case of this web developer, they incorporate their work leading internal teams, as well as their capacity to work with external partners, both of which speak to strong personal skills. Pairing leadership with a background rooted in technical skills illustrates that you have the understanding and the willingness to encourage company growth.

Creative Director

As an experienced creative director that demonstrates growth within a company, you’ll want your resume to highlight your work history. This creative director resume template provides thorough and detailed examples of your achievements with measurable outcomes, using a combination of action verbs and numbers. The skills section also features a wide variety of hard and technical skills that are applicable to the role that you’re applying for.

Associate Creative Director

An associate creative director may be someone with less experience than a creative director, and is perfect if you’re looking to grow into the position and obtain experience. As a mid-level role, you’ll want to use a strong combination of your work experience, education, skills, and certificates to prove that you’re looking to continue your career.

Creative Marketing Director

Creative directors can have niches, but a specialized one for marketing makes the most sense since creativity is often used for various marketing strategies. You’ll want to use specific projects that you’ve accomplished while showcasing your marketing prowess and leadership abilities. This resume template will help you stand out when applying for a senior-level marketing role with creative marketing experience.

Chief Creative Officer

Different kinds of C-suite positions beyond CEO, COO, CFO, and more are becoming more popular as roles to establish strong leadership at companies. The Chief Creative Officer role is one of these and is similar to a Chief Marketing Officer. An emphasis on your leadership and management experience will be key here, as this role is one of the heads of the organization.

Human Resources (HR) Manager

Human resources manager jobs are usually senior roles that come with added responsibilities. As a human resources manager, you’ll likely oversee the interviewing and hiring of new employees, and you’ll also have a hand in planning and carrying out administrative functions at the company. A resume like this one will showcase your years of experience in human resources. You can use your bullet points to illustrate your stellar interpersonal, organizational, and management skills.

Entry Level Human Resources (HR)

Entry-level human resources professionals can play important roles within a company, too. As human resources assistants or coordinators, they can start learning the ropes of an organization and do clerical duties to help support their department. To get one of these jobs, create a resume like this one to highlight your human resources-related education and internship history.

Human Resources (HR) Business Partner

A human resources business partner functions as a consultant to a company’s senior management. These professionals provide insights and develop human resources strategies to benefit employees as well as the company itself. If you’re pursuing one of these roles, choose a resume like this one to show that you have previous experience in the field, strong analytical skills, and strategic decision-making abilities.

Human Resources (HR) Recruiter

Where other human resources professionals oversee staff for the duration of their employment, recruiters focus exclusively on filling open jobs within the company. They may write job postings, review resumes, conduct interviews, and hire the most qualified candidates. When you’re applying for a recruiter position, your resume should demonstrate that you are comfortable and experienced with all aspects of the hiring process, as shown in this resume sample.

Senior HR Manager & HR Director (Human Resources Director)

If you work in human resources for long enough, you might eventually reach the top of the ladder as a senior manager or director. When you become a human resources director, you’ll be in charge of the entire department, overseeing managers, specialists, assistants, and others. If you want the job, your resume needs to show plenty of experience in human resources as well as management and leadership roles.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator

A human resources administrator role can be a stepping stone to a management or director position. Administrators help with tasks like maintaining personnel files, assisting with hiring, preparing documents, and updating databases. To become an administrator, choose a resume similar to this one to showcase your administrative abilities and analytical skills. You should also be able to show that you work well with people and that you have been a leader to others.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist

Human resources generalists can have wide-ranging responsibilities including hiring, administrative tasks, managing employee performance, and developing company policies. If you’re going for this job, use your resume to highlight your versatility and competence in a variety of different human resources-related duties (such as managing payroll or creating programs to boost employee morale).


If you have experience as a bookkeeper, you can illustrate it in a similar fashion by highlighting your background with working with numbers (by being sure to include ample numerical references). Leading off each bullet point with a bookkeeper-oriented action word and sprinkling relevant skills throughout creates a complete picture of someone who is comfortable in the bookkeeping position.

Full Charge Bookkeeper

Full charge bookkeepers are solely responsible for a company’s accounting department. This means they will want to demonstrate their capacity for leadership and their ability to handle teams, along with managing all of the details of financial operations. This resume shows the bookkeeper’s experience in doing so with the inclusion of appropriate accomplishments and a background that indicates professional growth.

Senior Bookkeeper

If you have significant experience as a bookkeeper, you can include each step you’ve taken along the way in terms of your positions, as in the example of this resume. Showing orderly progression between positions (including promotions) broken up by powerful bullet points that use senior bookkeeper verbs is an excellent formula to follow.

Entry Level Bookkeeper

With colleges constantly changing their curriculum, it can help to write out the particular courses that you feel were most helpful to your role as a bookkeeper. Additionally, if you have participated in any outside activities in your community in a bookkeeping, data entry, or organizational capacity, you can include it as part of your relevant experience.

Customer Service Representative

When applying for a customer service role, it’s important to show the recruiter that you have the required skills and knowledge for the job. You should highlight work experience that is relevant for the role, like in the given resume, which includes three instances of past work experience in a customer service capacity. It’s okay if you don’t have over 8 years of experience in customer service -- you can also highlight your experience in your skills and in your education section.

Customer Service Manager

When applying for a customer service manager role, keep in mind what differentiates a manager from a representative. A customer service manager must not only be adept at prioritizing customer satisfaction and needs, but also at strategizing and implementing operational improvements to ensure a smooth and painless customer journey. They should be confident in leadership roles and understand how to manage and motivate a team of customer service representatives. This resume highlights the applicant’s experience in exactly those areas.

Customer Service Supervisor

A customer service supervisor plays a key role in the smooth and successful execution of customer service operations. Typically, a customer service supervisor is one level lower than a customer service manager, and with experience may eventually be promoted to that role. Thus, this job often includes some budding responsibilities that you might expect from a manager, including recruiting, training, and general involvement in the ongoing development of the customer service team.

Entry Level Customer Service Representative

If you’re still taking classes as a student, or even if you just graduated, the recruiting world can be an intimidating place -- especially if you don’t have much work experience. Don’t worry! You can use this template to show recruiters that you have relevant experience in internships or clubs, and that you’re fully capable and skilled for the role.

Director of Customer Service

The Director of Customer Service is a highly ranked position in the customer service team, and commands a large scope of responsibility for the organization’s implementation of customer service initiatives and execution of strategic imperatives. Accordingly, this position requires excellent business judgment, fantastic management skills, and strong decision-making abilities. It is essential to showcase evidence that you have such expertise by including detailed descriptions of your experience in customer service related positions, as well as evidence of your technical skills, specifically those needed to facilitate operational management.

Data Scientist

Because you are working with data that provide to you or you provide other departments data to use, you need to display successful collaboration with results in your resume. This sample does this by talking about what company goals were accomplished with other teams using metrics to highlight the achievements.

Senior Data Scientist

If you’re trying to climb up to the top of the data scientist ladder, you need to show that you excelled in lower positions. Don’t forget to list what you did that earned you an upper-level role in your previous job. Recruiters love to see that you desire to grow. Talking about your transitions is key in this kind of resume.

Entry Level Data Scientist

Right out of college, you may not have much experience in the field. To supplement that, use your experience in clubs and activities, class projects, and useful coursework to help highlight your knowledge on the subject. Internship experience is essential, as well; any numeric results or accomplishments should be acknowledged. This sample does so by listing the percentages of costs, labor, and hours reduced thanks to their work.

Data Science Manager

To be a successful manager in any role, you need to have the experience of a manager. A focus on team management and leading a team to great results are examples you should list on your resume. Showing recruiters that you can lead a team or data science project that brings high-yield results is what will set your resume apart from other applicants. Data science is all about using data to drive decision-making and top-level KPIs, so make sure you add accomplishments to your resume that highlight how your work has affected your company’s bottom line.

Data Science Vice President

Like any VP role, the position of vice president of data science needs strong managerial skills. Not only will you need to manage a team, but that team will also have to consist of managers. Your goal is to implement and execute company-wide goals that greatly benefit the company. This sample lists out the processes done while managing managers lower on the corporate ladder, to bring in an increase of profit or a decrease in costs (or increase in productivity).

Marketing Manager

When you’re seeking a marketing manager position, your resume should highlight the skills and abilities that will help you succeed in the role. A great marketing manager is a skilled communicator, a creative problem solver, and an astute analyst -- so your work experience should show how you’ve successfully used all of these skills (and more) at past jobs.

Product Marketing Manager

Product marketing managers research customer needs, develop marketing strategies, and create messaging and communications around products to shape their image. To get one of these jobs, you need to be an exceptional marketer with a proven track record of driving product sales. It’s not an entry-level position, so use a resume like this one to demonstrate your success at previous jobs as well as any promotions you’ve received.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Social media marketing managers create, plan, and run marketing campaigns on various social media platforms. If you’re applying for one of these positions, you’ll need strong marketing skills as well as the ability to generate engagement on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Use your resume to show off your social media savvy as well as your previous accomplishments in marketing.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager oversees all of a company’s online marketing efforts, which could include email newsletters, social media posts, and advertising. To become a digital marketing manager, you’ll want to use your resume to emphasize your fluency with online marketing channels as well as your technical skills.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing specialists are responsible for planning and carrying out marketing campaigns as well as analyzing and reporting data. Although this role is less senior than a management position, it still usually requires some prior experience within digital marketing. Your resume should highlight successful digital marketing campaigns you’ve run at past jobs. Make sure to also mention your relevant hard skills in your skills section, as shown in this resume.

Marketing Director

If you’re an outstanding leader with years of marketing and management experience, you may have your sights set on becoming a marketing director. Most professionals spend 5-10 years in various marketing jobs before advancing to a director position. When you’re applying for this job, your resume should show that you’ve excelled in past marketing roles and that you’ve been successful as a manager.

Front End Developer

Front end developers with a few years of experience should craft a resume that highlights skills relevant to the position they are applying to, where you used front end developer skills to effectively deliver on projects. This resume provides a list of the applicant’s skills and demonstrates how they used them to make a positive contribution to the company. In your resume, make sure to talk about the different skills, languages, or frameworks you’ve used.

iOS Developer

Front end iOS development can be quite different from website development. iOS development often requires different skill sets and experience with different languages, frameworks, libraries, and testing than those associated with website development. When applying for an iOS development role, it is important to keep these differences in mind and emphasize numbers, metrics, and experiences that are relevant to iOS development.

Entry Level Front End Developer

If you’re a recent college graduate or if you’re in the middle of changing careers, this is the resume template for you. The key here is to sell yourself with the skills you have learned, the front end projects you’ve completed, and the relevant tools you used. Internship experience, if any, will be useful to highlight as well. This sample lists the development internships they’ve had, along with relevant activities, projects, and technical skills such as HTML/CSS and Javascript that are relevant to the position.

JavaScript Developer (Front-End)

JavaScript developers tend to have specific expertise in JavaScript, but should still have a strong grasp of other front end development languages and modern frameworks that are JavaScript-based (i.e. the likes of Node, React, Vue or Next.js). When writing a resume for a JavaScript developer role, remember to keep this in mind -- tailor your resume by focusing on JS work, while including other front end experience as well.

React Front End Developer

Sometimes a company may be looking for a front end developer who has specific experience working with React, an open-source Javascript framework/library for building user interfaces. When applying for a React Front End Developer role, make sure to include work experience that is tailored specifically to projects and contributions using React (include personal projects if you don't have professional experience), and to include skills that demonstrate your capacity for building great user interfaces.

Administrative Assistant

As an experienced administrative assistant with years of professional work history, you’ll want to primarily highlight your previous administrative work at companies. This administrative assistant resume template emphasizes strong experience supporting various groups and teams with specific and measurable numbers of accomplishments in the role. You should also supplement your experience with education and skills to create a complete picture to your potential employer.

Senior Administrative Assistant

A senior administrative assistant is a position that highlights your extensive experience supporting higher management and overseeing other employees in the department. Since you’ll have plenty of experience to share, you’ll want to detail your accomplishments with specific numbers and highlight your transferable skills from previous roles. This template will show you how to combine both to create a lasting impression on the recruiter.

Executive Administrative Assistant

As an executive administrative assistant, you will be supporting one or multiple executives in the company. A high-level of discretion and anticipation of what your executives need is a must. To tailor a resume for this position, you’ll want to focus on your experience supporting previous executives and how you resolved pain points for them.

Entry Level Administrative Assistant

Just like senior and executive-level administrative assistants, there are also entry-levels administrative assistant positions out there. Don’t worry if you don’t have administrative assistant work experience or if you’re looking to change careers — you should use your education and other related administrative experience to supplement it. You should also highlight relevant skills that are transferable to showcase previous experience with them in different environments.

Sales Administrative Assistant

Sales are a key function to any business. Without the sales team, the company would probably have a hard time earning revenue for their products or services. As a sales administrative assistant, you’ll want to spotlight your related sales and administrative experience to demonstrate that you can do both. You may not only just support the sales team, but also contribute to sales pitches, presentations, and generating leads as well.

Data Entry Analyst

If you’re a data entry specialist with experience, it’s possible you’ve gained that experience in multiple departments and have demonstrated your aptitude enough to be a team leader. Including the departments or industries you’ve worked with clues hiring managers into how you’ll fit best in their organization.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks can wear many hats across different fields. If your experience is similarly varied, you can still emphasize your data entry skills by starting your bullet points with relevant action verbs and including a numerical value for each one.

Entry Level Data Entry Analyst

Even without significant experience, you can elevate your resume by focusing on your past accomplishments that were relevant to data entry work (like this applicant does). If you took classes related to data entry or technical skills, you should include them, and if any volunteer work or extracurricular activities involved data entry projects, you should include those as well.

Data Entry Specialist

If you have a long background in data entry, you should aim to highlight the most impressive achievements in your most recent or current achievements (while having more basic, numerical accomplishments at your older positions) to demonstrate your ongoing progression of skill and responsibility. Data entry specialists should also have experience with data entry technologies and automation tools.

DevOps Engineer

When applying for a DevOps engineer job, your resume needs to demonstrate your ability to unify, automate, and manage software processes. This means you will have worked with different software programs to get a job done. In your resume, include your experience with these programs, along with any achievements that occurred as a result.

DevOps Manager

Being a DevOps manager means that you will have done more than work with development/IT teams to test and improve quality and efficiency of programs. You will have led a team that has done the same thing. To get a managerial role in DevOps, show in your resume experience that you know how to effectively lead a team to deliver positive results for a company.

AWS DevOps Engineer

The responsibility of this role is to ensure proper management, automation, maintenance, performance, and scalability of AWS cloud-based production systems. Recruiters want to see that you have the programming skills to help increase efficiency or reduce costs or labor. In the experience section of this sample, you see many bullet points explaining how certain operational functions were improved. For example, “eliminating 85% of manual work”, “reduced the service loading time by 97%”, or “increased the page speed by 15%.” Your resume should include the achievements you’ve reached by using AWS.

Kubernetes DevOps Engineer

To succeed as a Kubernetes DevOps engineer, you’ll need to get used to working with the cloud. This sample explains how they have implemented different cloud-based services in their experience. Recruiters want to see that you’re well-versed with the software. Your experience should highlight how you’ve used cloud services successfully on the job.

Financial Analyst

To succeed as a financial analyst, you’ll need an affinity for numbers as well as a solid command of finance-related skills like accounting, budgeting, and modeling. You should also be a natural problem solver and an excellent communicator. Showcase these abilities on your resume using specific examples from your work history. List all relevant hard skills in a prominent skills section.

Senior Financial Analyst

Experienced financial analysts may have opportunities to advance into more senior positions. Senior analysts develop high-level financial strategies for companies and help lead project teams. When you’re applying for this position, your resume should reflect an extensive work history in finance as well as leadership experience. Emphasize any prior leadership roles as well as promotions you’ve earned in the past.

Entry Level/Junior Financial Analyst

Junior financial analysts typically collect and analyze data, create reports, and make policy recommendations based on their findings. While you can get this entry-level job with little to no prior work experience, you’ll be a more competitive candidate if you’ve studied business, finance, economics, or a related field in school. Use your resume to emphasize your educational background, and don’t forget to also list any relevant internships you’ve done.

Investment Analyst

Investment analysts advise companies in regards to buying and selling stocks, bonds, and other securities. They analyze the existing market conditions and help companies reap the maximum return from their investments. For this role, you need an understanding of economics, strong analytical skills, and the ability to assess and manage risk. Illustrate these skills with specific results you’ve accomplished in past jobs.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio managers oversee investment portfolios for individuals and companies. They’re tasked with choosing the right types of assets for their clients’ needs and making prudent investment decisions based on available data. To become a portfolio manager, use your resume to emphasize a strong background in investment as well as financial analysis.

Real Estate Financial Analyst

Real estate financial analysts gather market data, make projections, and offer recommendations to companies about opportunities to invest in property. For this position, your resume needs to show that you are adept at researching, analyzing data, making forecasts, and mitigating risk. Having an understanding of real estate is also a plus, although you don’t need to be an agent.

Executive Assistant

Executive assistants with a few years of experience should craft a resume that highlights their accomplishments in previous assistant roles. You should include a logical path of your work history that demonstrates growth, as well as a capacity for increasing responsibility. This resume has a strong work history section that shows their experience in previous positions as an executive assistant, and the candidate uses numbers and metrics to support their accomplishments.

Executive Administrative Assistant

An executive assistant works closely with a high-level executive or a small group of high-level executives in overseeing projects and anticipating business needs. On the other hand, an executive administrative assistant tends to focus more on task management and administrative duties, such as calendar scheduling, data entry, and handling calls. In your executive administrative assistant resume, make sure to highlight your experience and relevant skills accordingly.

C-Level Executive Assistant

Providing assistance at the C-suite level (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, etc.) requires a deeper level of expertise in the given industry, as well as the ability to work cross-functionally or technically. You must know how to skillfully interface with various departments, uncover potential bottlenecks, and facilitate improvements that help the C-suite function at its highest efficiency. When applying to a C-level executive assistant role, make sure to include evidence of past experience in relevant roles and to demonstrate your ability to catalyze efficient operations.

Executive Assistant to CEO

Sometimes a CEO may require more personal assistance and will want to hire an executive assistant to directly support their needs. This position is the CEO’s primary resource, and must demonstrate deep administrative and organizational expertise to support the demands of the highest position in the company. When writing your CEO executive assistant resume, make sure to showcase your mastery of relevant skills, such as calendar management, hiring logistics, and event operations.

Senior Executive Assistant

A senior executive assistant is an executive assistant with senior responsibilities. This means that they typically do fewer administrative tasks and tackle more hands-on operations work such as managing projects, creating and implementing processes, etc. When crafting your senior executive assistant resume, keep this in mind as you write out your bullet points and curate the skills you want to showcase.

Business Development Representative

Business development representatives are more involved in handling client relationships, and this resume reflects that. If you have a similar background across sales, client management, or product-related analysis for clients, you should emphasize your associated skills and accomplishments. Tying them to numerical values will further solidify your case.

Business Development Manager

A skilled or experienced business development manager can be the defining asset of a business due to the responsibilities encompassed by the position, and hiring managers are looking for applicants who have risen to the challenge. If you have a significant background in business development management, you should similarly emphasize the most impactful accomplishments at your most recent position.

Business Development Executive

As a business development executive, you’ll be expected to take the reins of a business’s growth. When applying for this position, you should aim to include a broad range of relevant accomplishments that show your ability to manage personnel and departments, increase the client base, or improve sales through meeting senior clients.

Business Development Associate

Business development associates can be expected to have familiarity with maintaining client relationships and increasing the number of customers at the same time as being familiar with the inner workings of companies. This resume shows that they have worked with both outside sales teams as well as internal departments.

Entry-Level Business Development Manager

Entry level business development managers can make a big impression even with less experience in the field. This applicant showcases their ability to come up with strategies, find opportunities, and produce new business throughout their application by using strong action verbs. As a result, creativity and innovation are both soft skills that come across well without being directly mentioned.

Director of Business Development

At the high end of business development is the director, often responsible for one or more departments dedicated to business growth. Directors require the ability to see the overview of a business and assess its place within the industry. This resume encapsulates that by including foundational positions and skills crowned by impactful, businesswide accomplishments.

Digital Marketing Specialist

As an experienced digital marketing specialist, make sure to highlight your successful projects and marketing experience in previous positions. This is a general digital marketing specialist template that demonstrates a well-rounded grasp of best marketing practices with a variety of relevant hard skills and numeric accomplishments that show the recruiter what you can do.

Entry Level Digital Marketing

If you lack work experience but are trying to gain more in your next job, the entry level digital marketing resume is for you. You’ll want to supplement your work experience through internships with your education, alongside any relevant extracurricular activities and projects that you accomplished while in school. Skills related to digital marketing and certifications will further help you to demonstrate a strong educational background for the role.

Digital Marketing Director

Digital marketing directors are not just specialists, but also leaders of the marketing department. You’ll be responsible for directing the vision of the company’s marketing campaign, developing new strategies to increase engagement and generating traffic for the company’s website. The ability to analyze performance of previous marketing campaigns is a must and this role often requires 5+ years of leadership experience.

Digital Marketing Analyst

As a digital marketing analyst, you specialize in analyzing data, marketing metrics, and more. This is one option for a career path from a generalized digital marketing specialist, especially if you don’t want to go into management yet or at all. Make sure you emphasize your transferable analysis skills and experiences making informed decisions based on data to show what you can bring to the table.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers are a key part of leadership in digital marketing, above digital marketers and under digital marketing directors. They’re leaders and experts in the digital marketing space, including content, email, social media, and mobile marketing. They develop and implement marketing campaigns on digital platforms in order to promote a company’s brand, products, and services. Experience with digital marketing and managing a team are a must for this role.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

The senior digital marketing manager is the next step above the digital marketing manager, and underneath a digital marketing director on the leadership ladder. As a senior digital marketing manager, you have numerous years of experience as a digital marketing manager. Directing marketing campaigns, managing budgets, and leading digital marketing teams are all second nature to you.

Marketing Director

Besides digital marketing directors, there are also traditional marketing directors who dabble both in the online space and in-person. This may include coordinating marketing campaigns for product launches, events to promote the product or service, and overseeing relationships with the public and marketing vendors. They lead their team and successfully complete projects within the set deadline and budget, while conducting market research.

UX Designer (User Experience Designer)

UX designer is a role that blends visual design skills, writing, coding, and research. As a UX designer, you’ll be designing apps, building prototypes, and performing testing and analytics as well as collaborating with clients and other teams. A resume that emphasizes your hard skills and hands-on experience is your key to landing the perfect role.

Senior UX Designer

UX designers (user experience designers) with at least 5-10 years’ experience in the field may want to take the next step and search for senior UX design roles. Senior UX designers take on a management role, leading a UX team and overseeing the design process. To land a senior UX designer role, highlight experiences that showcase your leadership and communication as well as your technical skills.

Entry Level UX Designer

UX (user experience) design is an emerging industry that relies more heavily on demonstrable skills than extensive experience, so entry level UX designers are very much in demand. Highlighting your UX design experience through projects, internships, and formal certifications is key to landing an entry level UX design role.

UI / UX Designer

UX design and UI (user interface) design are often used interchangeably, with some jobs advertising for a hybrid UI/UX designer. UI design roles are more focused on visual design elements, including color schemes, icons, typography, and responsive design. Many advertised UX designer roles also ask for UI design skills, so positioning yourself as a UX/UI designer is a good way to instantly expand your job market.

UX Engineer (Usability Engineer)

A UX (user experience) engineer is responsible for building design systems and front-end engineering rather than finalizing the look and design of a product. UX engineers collaborate with designers, researchers, and programmers and need a solid understanding of design principles as well as technical skills including familiarity with creative software, programming languages, and experience testing and debugging.

Account Manager

Account managers with a few years of experience should highlight the skills they’ve developed that pertain to the role. To succeed as an account manager, you must be able to foster long-term relationships and build trust with your accounts while also keeping detailed records of their needs. When writing your account manager resume, make sure to follow this template to highlight your accomplishments.

Sales Account Manager

A sales account manager manages a portfolio of accounts, maintaining existing relationships and working to generate new sales for their company. While an account manager might work primarily in pre- and post-sales processes, a sales account manager is typically involved throughout the entire sales lifecycle. Thus, when writing your sales account manager resume, make sure to tailor your experience to highlight relevant sales experience and technical skills.