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Our AI cover letter generator will take your resume and your job description, and craft a unique, targeted cover letter that will show your enthusiasm and excitement for the job.


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You'll never get stuck writing a cover letter again. See it for yourself in the example below. It's absurdly simple to generate a complete cover letter that you can use with your application. The whole process takes around 45 seconds.

  • Cover letters...the easy way.

    Writing cover letters sucks. It’s hard to know what to say, what experience to highlight, or skills to mention, and even though most employers still ask for a cover letter, they rarely tell you what they want it to include. What a headache! Well. Not anymore.

    With our AI-powered Cover Letter Generator, you can create a personalized cover letter for every job application that highlights your unique skills and qualifications, stands out from the crowd with compelling prose, and uses engaging, professional phrasing to showcase not only your skills but also your personality.

    Our unique tool pulls relevant details from your resume and tailors your cover letter to the specific job requirements so you know your letter will show a recruiter precisely what they’re looking for - No more guessing required.

    And even better, it saves you time. Our generator will scan your resume and job description in seconds, delivering a high-performing, well-crafted cover letter in less than a minute. So you can spend less time worrying about what to write and more time preparing for all the interviews your cover letters will get you.

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What sets our Cover Letter Generator apart from the rest?

Our Cover Letter Generator is so much more than an AI writing tool. It knows how to write professional, engaging cover letters that will win you interviews and make your next application a success.

  • Developed by recruiters
    Developed by our team of professional recruiters and hiring managers, our AI-powered software knows what employers are looking for in a great cover letter. Our wealth of resume writing knowledge ensures our software is up-to-date with current recruitment trends and is specifically developed with industry professionals in mind.
  • Filled with personality
    Our generator doesn’t just write words. It crafts compelling stories that showcase your personality. Our AI Generator creates cover letters that highlight your skills, personality, and enthusiasm for the role. It also detects your resume's tone and phrasing to make a cover letter that sounds like you.
  • Tailored to the job
    Just like any good resume, our AI-generated cover letters include the right mix of industry-specific keywords, hard skills, and relevant experience to ensure your letter is tailored to the specific role and company you’re applying for, leaving the guesswork out of writing your next cover letter.

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  • Why is a good cover letter so important?

    Cover letters are often the first part of your application an employer will see, so it’s crucial to ensure that first impression is a good one. A poorly written cover letter can cause a recruiter to disregard your application, just as a good cover letter can make a hiring manager excited to read your resume.

    A cover letter should give the reader enough information to see why you’re the right candidate for the job without simply re-writing your resume. It needs to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position, show an employer that you understand their company, and showcase a little of your personality while maintaining a professional tone.

    It’s hard to sell yourself as the perfect candidate when you don’t know what an employer is looking for, and even harder to write concise, memorable, error-free prose specifically tailored to each application. That’s where our tool comes in.

    Don’t fret about capturing the right mix of personable and professional. Use our AI-powered generator to quickly write a cover letter that does all of the above and lets you focus on getting back to your job search.

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  • Rules for writing a good cover letter

    When you’re writing a cover letter, open with a strong introduction. If possible, find the name of the hiring manager and address them directly to show initiative and attention to detail. Then, mention the job you’re applying for and your enthusiasm for the role.

    The following paragraph should highlight particular skills and qualifications relevant to the position, paying special attention to any hard skills and keywords mentioned in the job description. Next, show you've done some research on the employer by describing how your skills align with the company's goals or values, and end by thanking the reader for their consideration.

    Your cover letter should be 3 or 4 paragraphs in total. Remember, you’re not rewriting your whole resume. The key is to be concise and direct, choosing one or two examples to showcase your points. When you’re finished, remember to proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes, as we all know how poor typos look on professional documents.

  • Our cover letter generator is fully customizable, and you can tell it to emphasize certain elements that you want to highlight.
  • Ready to generate your cover letter?

    So, are you ready to generate your first cover letter? Here’s how it works.

    All you have to do is upload your resume and the job description of the role you’re applying for, and our AI tool will detect your relevant achievements, skills, and experience. It will then craft those skills into a compelling cover letter that is pre-formatted, error-free, and personalized to capture your professional voice.

    You can also tell the AI software to specifically highlight certain aspects of your resume if there’s a particular qualification you want your cover letter to focus on. As the process is so quick, you can create multiple cover letters for each application if you wish, allowing you to choose whichever you prefer. You can also play around and see if highlighting a certain aspect of your resume creates a more compelling narrative, or combine your favorite parts from multiple letters. It’s so easy to use, it’s really up to you.

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