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Write a targeted resume using our ATS resume checker

  • How to write a targeted resume
  • The importance of keywords on your resume

    Recruiters and hiring managers spend an average of six seconds on each resume. Let's face it - they don't read your resume. They skim it quickly for keywords to get a sense of if you're a good fit or not.

    For example, if you're applying for a Customer Service job that needs some experience, recruiters are going to make sure you have some customer service experience by quickly scanning your resume for the keywords 'customer service' or 'customer support'.

    If your resume contains the keywords that were in the job description, it suggests you have the skills the job requires and that it is a well targeted resume.

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  • How to get past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

    Most companies use resume screening software, or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), to quickly filter and rank the thousands of applicants that apply to each job. These software rank your resume based on its relevancy to the job description.

    They do this by scanning your resume for specific skills and keywords. If your resume doesn't have critical keywords (like 'customer support' in the example above), your resume will be instantly rejected.

    To ensure your resume gets past ATS, you need to include the right keywords employers are looking for. Here's where Targeted Resume comes in handy - it is a resume keyword scanner that analyzes your resume's keywords and ensures you have covered the most important keywords.

    After you find the missing skills, use the tool's AI features which will show you how to write professional lines and bullet points that contain the skills your resume is missing.

    And it's all for free.

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  • Applicant Tracking Systems are used by employers to filter out resumes that do not have the right keywords, experience or skills

  • Compare your resume to a job posting

    With Targeted Resume, you can instantly check if your resume contains all the right skills and keywords. It works by comparing your resume to the job description and finding important keywords you missed out from your resume.

    Keep in mind that no two jobs are exactly the same, even if they have the same job title. Some jobs might prioritize specific skills over others. This is where Targeted Resume is especially useful - it allows you to compare your resume to as many job descriptions as you apply to.

    When you analyze a job posting, the tool calculates a comparison score to help you understand if your resume is well-matched to the job posting. In the tool, we refer to this as the "Relevancy Score."

    A score lower than 80 suggests that your resume is missing important skills from the job posting and is not matched to the job you are applying to.

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Get past ATS robots

Instantly find out the resume or CV keywords and hard skills companies are looking for. We'll tell you what keywords ATS software are looking for, as well as which ones your resume is missing.


Tailor your resume in minutes

Customizing your resume for every job has always been a tedious, time consuming exercise. Until now. With our free ATS scanner and matcher, you'll instantly know what skills your resume is missing.


Compare your resume to the job description

Most people don't even look closely at the job description they apply to, submit the same resume, and wonder why they don't get interviews. We'll tell you exactly what the job is looking for, including the soft skills, as well as use AI to give you lines you can copy-and-paste into your resume.

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With Targeted Resume, you can create different resumes and match them to each job posting

How do you target your resume to a job description?

Before Targeted Resume, you'd have to spend hours comparing each job description to your resume to find the right keywords you need to include and then look for the ones your resume is missing.

With our resume keyword scanner, you can now tailor your resume to a job description in less than 30 seconds. Simply add in the job description you're applying to and upload your resume, and our algorithms will tell you exactly what important keywords your resume is missing. These keywords are also the ones Applicant Tracking Systems are specifically searching for on your resume.