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Our resume fixer scans your resume for mistakes and shows you how to fix them so you get more interviews.

  • Our tool will scan your resume for any costly grammatical mistakes.
  • Check for grammatical mistakes in your resume

    Whether you’re looking to break into the job market or would like to change careers, resumes play an important role in seeing these aspirations through. The last thing you want to happen is your potential employer brushing past your application because of a simple but devastating grammatical mistake. Worse yet would be if an applicant tracking system decides not to send your resume to the hiring manager. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software recruiters use to automatically detect which applications to review and which ones to ignore.

    So, to get through the ATS, and reach and impress the hiring manager, you should run your resume through our resume grammar checker. The grammar checker not only points out grammatical errors and typos but can also give your resume a score based on some different resume criteria hiring managers look for.

    A score on its own, though, can only tell you so much, which is why this free tool can tell you which aspects of your resume need to be improved and exactly what you can do to get a higher score, a better resume, and more invites to interviews.

    What's more, you'll also get access to our other AI features, including our AI resume writer. The tool will rewrite lines on your resume so they're not only free of grammar mistakes, but also more effective at showing your impact and getting you interviews.

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What sets this tool apart from other grammar-checking tools?

This online tool is much more than just proofreading your resumes. It can measure, analyze and refine your resume.

  • AI-powered
    The tool applies artificial intelligence, meaning that it collects data from various sources, uses several algorithms, and comes up with feedback that helps eliminate grammatical and other types of errors.
  • Not just a proofreading tool
    Our tool is not just a grammar-checking software tailored for resumes, it has more features and capabilities that’ll help your resume slide through applicant tracking systems and impress hiring managers.
  • Resume scores
    You can upload your resume and within just 30 seconds, get it graded. This grade will help you weigh the competition and know what you need to add and lose before the ATS or the hiring managers have their say.
  • AI rewrites
    More than just fixing grammar or proofreading, this feature actively rewrites your resume bullet points for clarity and impact. It saves you the trouble of pondering over each word and sentence, and wondering if they're written in the best way possible and error-free.

Find out if your resume passes key recruiter checks

💡     Tip: Our resume AI, Score My Resume, is built with all applicant tracking systems in mind and acts as a powerful resume test. It'll detect far more than basic spelling and grammar issues, and tell you if your resume covers specific things recruiters look for, like evidence of impact and leadership, or if you're using the right grammatical tenses.

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  • Examples of common resume mistakes people make

    Examples of common grammatical errors people make on their resumes

  • The simplest of mistakes could be the most costly

    Imagine being more than qualified for a job that has great benefits and room for growth. You think you’ve found the perfect fit, so you apply. The hiring manager takes a look at it, and a few weeks later, you’re notified that you didn’t get the job.

    Now imagine that you didn’t make the cut because of a few silly grammatical mistakes or because you didn’t put much thought into the impression that those mistakes create. Frustrating, right?

    What adds insult to injury is the fact that you could have avoided those mistakes and crafted a far better resume in a minute or two using our resume grammar checking tool.

    Clear grammatical errors send all the wrong messages to your potential employer. It’ll give them the thought that you don’t have an eye for detail, but they’re not the only culprits that lower your resume’s quality. The grammar in your resume could have no big mistakes, but it may lack the standard structure that hiring managers expect to see in excellent resumes.

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  • Grammar rules for resumes

    Generally speaking, your resume may not have obvious grammatical errors that could instantly make hiring managers reject your application. However, hiring managers expect a certain structure and prose that’s characteristic of a great resume. Now, the question is what are these unwritten rules that you must follow when drawing up your resume?

    Well, for starters, you should use active voice sentences instead of passive ones. By their very nature, passive sentences are longer and more difficult to read and understand. The hiring manager doesn’t have all the time and focus in the world, meaning you’ll have to make your sentences concise and direct—active voice sentences let you do just that.

    Another rule that job seekers often violate when they’re writing resumes is using casual and unprofessional language. You don’t have to be overly eloquent and antiquated, but you definitely shouldn’t write your resume like a text to a friend.

  • Stand out with a resume that is error-free
  • Our resume checker will run over twenty checks over your resume, including grammar checks like whether you have used the right active/passive voice, the right tenses, and conveyed your impact correctly.
  • Our tool can help improve your resume

    We can’t talk about all the ins and outs of resume grammar in this piece alone. In fact, you don’t need to know everything there is to know about crafting a grammatically sound resume. Our AI-powered resume grammar-checking tool can tell you exactly what your resume needs in seconds. You can then fix your resume in a few more clicks. But that’s not all.

    Our tools can do more than just tell which words to change and what to say where, they also grade your resume against numerous relevant factors that help determine whether your resume can get you that job. The tool then gives you important insights on how you can make your resume stand out, along with rewritten bullet points that you can copy and paste into your resume.

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