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    Most advice online is terribly generic and unhelpful, saying, “Be impactful!” or “Don’t be vague” (how ironic). These are statements that only become helpful when they are explained in context of your resume.

    Unlike any other tool, we identify gaps on your resume and give you tailored advice on how to improve, backed up with detailed explanations and examples.

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    Our online resume grader provides better resume feedback than most so-called 'professional' reviewers out there, who often give outdated, wrong or non-actionable advice and charge hundreds of dollars.

    The feedback in your resume review has been curated by current hiring managers and recruiters at companies like Google, McKinsey and Goldman Sachs.

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  • Our resume grader checks your resume for things recruiters are looking for
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    We recognise how tough it can be to put your experiences into concise, effective lines.

    This is why we even give you handpicked resume lines and metrics that top candidates have used on their resumes. You can use these as inspiration when writing your resume.

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    We use proprietary algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and NLP to analyze and benchmark your resume and generate a score based on key criteria such as Impact, Brevity and Style.

    Incorporate the feedback we give you to improve your resume's score and your chances of getting that interview.

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