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  • "The resume critique tool providing personalized feedback on a resume.
  • Get a resume critique with research-driven feedback. For free.

    A resume is the most crucial document for your career; it has the ability to make great first impressions, land you job interviews, and secure you your dream job. If done right. Unfortunately, a recruiter must go through hundreds of resumes in a day, so even if you have all the skills and qualifications for a role, you will most likely get rejected if your resume isn’t made correctly.

    A recruiter won’t tell you why they rejected you or where your resume falls short, which is where our resume scanner tool comes in. It evaluates your resume against key factors that hiring managers consider; impact, brevity, style, and skill.

    This tool critiques your resume according to the latest industry practices. Being AI-powered, it’s unbiased in its appraisal and provides instant feedback that is proven to deliver outstanding results. All of this, and it’s free to use!

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Does my resume need critiquing?

More than 70% end up in the rejected pile, so even if you think your resume doesn’t need changes, using a free resume scanner won’t hurt. In fact, you’ll be bettering your chances of getting hired. Below are some of the things our tool considers, and what you'll get as part of your critique.

  • Short, succinct bullet points
    You're already on the right track if you’re listing your work experience, courses, and accomplishments as concise bullet points. However, if your resume has wall-like paragraphs, our tool can help amend that.
  • Achievement-oriented language
    Recruiters care more about results than responsibility. Anyone with relevant experience can take on the role, but can they deliver tangible results? The language you use matters.

    Consider a company that needs an Instagram content manager, and you have to add either of the two statements in your resume:
    1. Run departmental social media pages
    2. Increased Instagram following by 58% by developing engaging content, attending Instagram for Business online course, and staying up to date on emerging marketing trends

    Using the second statement gives you a greater chance of getting called for an interview.
  • An easy-to-understand job title
    A mistake many people make is that they over-complicate their job title to sound more impressive, but, instead, they end up confusing the recruiter. Write the correct job title that you have, or even better, use the one the recruiter has written in the job description.
  • The correct resume template
    Many resumes never even reach recruiters because the resume isn’t ATS-compliant. If you want your resume to pass the ATS checks, use the right resume template.

    We offer various resume sample templates, all of which are ATS-compatible and free! Check those out before using our resume scanner tool to critique your resume.

  • Examples of issues the critique will point out

    How an ATS works and filters applicants

  • A resume scanner that’s built to tackle ATS

    In the previous section, we touched on ATS- application tracking systems- but didn’t go into detail because it needs its own section; that’s how important it is!

    Companies use the ATS software to obtain the most relevant resumes from the pile of applications. Unfortunately, the software isn’t always accurate in how it accomplishes this, and more often than not, highly skilled applicants are filtered out because they don’t meet the criteria recruiters set on the software.

    This is usually because the template you use isn’t ATS-compliant, meaning the resume cannot be uploaded or can’t be read by the software. Besides that, there are also keywords in all job descriptions that the software looks for in the resumes. These are ‘skills’ that recruiters expect to see in the resumes of their job-seekers.

    To ensure you’re not kicked out of the pool before you even enter, take note of the following tips; use an ATS-friendly resume template, use a standard font that’s easy to read and keep the formatting simple and straightforward.

    For additional help, our Score My Resume tool can help. It will guide you on how to correctly build your resume so the ATS can easily read it. More than that, with the critique and feedback you receive, your resume will stand out from all the other applicants’.

    Get your resume ready for ATS and hiring managers
  • Your very own expert resume critic, without the large price tag

    We are firmly of the opinion that you don’t need a resume writer. Anyone can create a stellar resume; most just need a little help getting there-our resume critique tool can assist you.

    All you have to do is build an initial first draft of your resume and then upload it on our website. Our tool will evaluate it and then give it a score with a detailed description of what’s working and what needs changing. You'll get a ton of examples along with your critique, that will give you the inspiration you need to write a strong resume.

    The tool is designed by actual hiring managers, so you won’t get better feedback anywhere else. If you’re worried about faulty grammar, poor formatting, and structure, or how to sound more impressive, the tool takes all of that into account and provides feedback to assist with that.

    Ditch the writing agencies and resume writers and get a free resume review and feedback with our tool.

  • A checklist to beat the applicant tracking system

    Tips to beat the ATS

  • Our resume checker will help you optimize your resume, by first scoring it on key criteria like readability by applicant tracking systems and making sure you've used the right skills.
  • Apply feedback from the resume critique, and land the job interview

    If you were to send your resume to a career expert, they’ll mark it against a checklist, which is usually built around the following factors; resume font, content relevance, skills, design, format, etc. Our tool does the same and scores it in four different categories.

    These categories were created after gaining insights from experienced recruiters and hiring managers. Not only do they provide information on where your resume is lacking, but a detailed description of the reasoning behind the resume score is provided too. This will help you understand what recruiters look for in a resume so you can build a resume that always delivers.

    Uploading your resume and getting a detailed description of the resume score and feedback is free and very easy. Use the tool to see where your resume lacks and work in the feedback to have the edge over the other applicants.

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