How to Write an ATS Resume

In 2024, companies are trying to automate everything, including hiring. They use ATS, or Applicant Tracking Systems, to screen out resumes that don't appear to be a fit. This means you need to write an ATS resume - one that beats these resume screeners.

In this guide, we'll show you how to do that, plus give you free ATS templates you can use to get started. Here are quick links so you can jump to the section of this guide that's most relevant to you:
  • The Basics: What is an ATS?
  • How do you write an ATS resume?
  • Downloadable ATS resume templates
  • Free ATS resume test
  • Using the right keywords on your ATS resume
  • How to use free resume keyword scanners

  • Already have a resume? Check to see if it readable by an ATS by uploading it here.

    The Basics: What is an ATS?

    The Applicant Tracking System scans and filters out resumes that do not have the right keywords

    How Do You Write An ATS Resume?

    First things first: Make sure your resume is readable

    Examples of Readable ATS Resume Templates

    Check If Your Resume is ATS-Friendly

    Using the Right Keywords On Your ATS Resume

    Use the right keywords

    An infographic on how to tailor your resume to a job ad by identifying the right keywords and using them on your resume

    Use a skills section to include keywords from the job description that will get you past ATS

    List your skills in your project section to ensure you get past ATS

    Use a free resume keyword scanner to find the right keywords

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