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LinkedIn optimization tool to improve your LinkedIn profile

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile for free

    LinkedIn can be a goldmine for new opportunities - whether that's finding your next job, getting new clients for your business or just building your personal brand.

    To maximize the number of opportunities you get through LinkedIn, you need to optimize your profile. If you're new to LinkedIn or profile optimization, it can be quite overwhelming to know what you need to do to optimize your profile.

    To make things easy for you, we created an AI-powered LinkedIn optimization tool. It scans your LinkedIn profile and tells you, step-by-step, how to improve your LinkedIn profile. The tool will identify issues on your LinkedIn profile and give you suggestions on how to fix them - this will increase your profile views so you get more potential opportunities coming to your LinkedIn profile.

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  • LinkedIn search optimization: How to rank higher on LinkedIn Search
  • LinkedIn search optimization: Ranking higher on LinkedIn

    Every day, millions of people rely on LinkedIn's search to fill roles. These could be recruiters or even your future clients.

    If your profile isn't optimized correctly, you won't appear in search results when recruiters or potential clients search for people like you. This could result in you missing out on a ton of opportunities.

    Your goal is to make sure you appear as high as possible in search results for every search your potential prospects/recruiters make. If your profile ranks high enough in search results, you'll start getting more people clicking through into your profile (i.e. more views to your profile); this means more people contacting you to fill those open positions!

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  • The truth behind LinkedIn keywords

    Put simply, keywords power LinkedIn's search algorithms. If you've ever done a search for a job title on LinkedIn (e.g. 'Java Developer'), you'll notice that LinkedIn quickly searches through their database of 500 million (!) users and finds you 500 thousand relevant people that are Java Developers.

    Ever wondered how LinkedIn ranks those 500k people search results in seconds? Like Google, LinkedIn basically searches for the search term (i.e. in this case 'Java Developer') across your profile. Understandably, it weights different sections of the profile differently, so you should use our AI-powered tool to really see what's important.

    To identify keywords to use in your profile, go through job descriptions you are applying for or look at top LinkedIn profiles in your industry.

  • LinkedIn Keyword Optimization
  • LinkedIn profile optimization service

  • Free LinkedIn profile writing service

    With our AI-powered platform, you can optimize your LinkedIn profile as many times as you'd like (i.e. you have unlimited uploads). You don't need to hire a writer/career coach, and you can get started with optimizing your profile for free.

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