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Get a free CV review instantly. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the platform generates a CV report that looks like this.

  • Get a personalized CV score
  • Get a personalised CV score, in seconds

    Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the platform calculates a score for your CV that is based on hundreds of algorithms that make up 20+ checks. Your CV's scorecard is made up of four categories: Impact, Brevity, Style and Soft Skills. These categories mirror what employers look for when reviewing CVs and applicants. A higher the score, the better the CV.

    Use this score to find out how your CV stacks up against the competition. You can upload your CV to the grader to get as many CV reviews as you need, for free. It's like having a personal career coach by your side.

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Understand how your CV scores, across over twenty checks

Our online checker assesses your CV across a number of key evaluation criteria. Here's a breakdown of what your CV review will give you feedback on:

  Key competencies

Find out how well your CV demonstrates core competencies recruiters look for, including leadership and teamwork.

🎯  Impact

Measure how your CV's impact scores against similar CVs in your industry.

Upload your CV and get a detailed assessment of how it scores across key criteria employers pay close attention to. In this example, we dive into five of the 'soft skill' checks the tool assesses your CV on.

Your professional CV review includes an analysis of your CV's template, and recommendations on how to improve.

🔍  Word choice

The tool evaluates your CV's action verbs and word choice. Each bullet point will be examined for the right grammar.

📄  CV template checks

It's important your CV is readable and meets key stylistic guidelines, including using the right section titles and sections. The platform analyzes your CV's format, including its bullet points, and helps you understand whether your CV's format is readable.

  • Beat the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

    Companies use Applicant Tracking Systems to help them manage the sheer volume of applicants they receive. These systems filter out 98% of applicants by scanning your CV for your work experience and key skills.

    It's important that your CV is correctly read by these ATS tools. Our CV checker's algorithms are designed with ATS in mind and checks your CV's readability. See exactly how your CV will be scanned by ATS, in seconds.

    💡  Tip: The CV checker helps you understand if your CV's template is readable by Applicant Tracking Systems and acts as an effective ATS scanning test. If your CV's format is scanned correctly by the checker, it will be read correctly by all ATS.

  • It's important to ensure your CV is readable by Applicant Tracking Systems. The CV checker helps you do just that.
  • Get targeted feedback on your CV. Your free CV review includes an assessment of your CV's hard skills.
  • Targeted feedback on your CV's mistakes and insight from recruiters and professionals

    In your free CV review, you will instantly get targeted feedback and detailed recommendations on each of the criteria we described above. In addition, the feedback offers unique insight from recruiters and hiring managers who are actively hiring for competitive roles today.

    You can be confident that your CV's feedback is up-to-date and in line with expectations from current HR teams and employers.

    To target your CV further, it's important to use the right keywords in your CV. You can target your CV with our Targeted Resume tool.

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  • Improve and optimize your CV's score, for free.

    Our CV checker has been years in the making and uses state-of-the-art machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to generate your review.

    Your CV score provides a representative view of how error-free your CV is. The higher your score, the better your CV. The better your CV, the higher your chances of getting that interview.

    To ensure as many people can get value out of the platform as possible, your overall CV score is always free. You also have unlimited free scans with all our online tools, so take advantage of them!

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  • Unlimited uploads for the CV checker. Improve your CV's score iteratively.
  • Get a free CV evaluation and review. Grade your CV instantly.
  • Instant feedback and available 24x7

    Our online CV checker gives you personalised CV advice in seconds. Just upload your CV in PDF, and let the checker work its magic by breaking down your CV into your core sections, work experiences and bullet points, and computing an overall CV rating.

    To help you write your CV, the tool also gives you sample CV bullet points that you can use as inspiration. These bullet points have been sourced from CVs that have garnered interviews at very competitive companies (the likes of McKinsey and Google).

    If that's not enough, our CV tools also include AI features that will rewrite your CV for you. Just give it a few details of what you're trying to describe, and you'll get professional lines you can use on your resume.

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  • Let AI rewrite parts of your CV for you

    In addition to finding mistakes on your CV, our AI acts like a professional resume writer by your side. It rephrases and polishes your content, suggesting stronger ways to describe your experiences and skills. This will make your CV stand out to recruiters.

    Our AI has been designed using insights directly from real hiring managers. When you use our CV tools, you're getting guidance that's truly hiring manager approved.

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  • See an example of how our AI works. You can tell it what you did and it'll give you 'professionalized' lines you can use.