The Proper Way To Include an Internship on a Resume

Whether you’re a college student looking for resume examples or wondering if it’s time to take internships off your resume, this guide has you covered.

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When you’re starting out in the workforce, or even changing to a new career, internships are the perfect way to bridge the gap between education and professional experience. But do they count as proper work experience? Where on your resume do they actually belong? And how do you know when it’s time to take them off your resume entirely?

In this guide, we’ll answer all your questions and provide you with real resume examples you can follow.

How to list an internship on a resume

Let’s start with a quick step by step guide walking you through exactly how to put an internship on a resume:

  1. Choose where to include your internships. This could be your work experience section or a dedicated internships section (more on those options below).
  2. List the employer, their location, and the dates you worked.
  3. Put your job title. Aim for a more descriptive title than “Intern” so hiring managers can see what your role entailed.
  4. Include 2-4 bullet points listing your main accomplishments.
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Wondering what your resume should look like once you’re finished? Here’s a sample entry level resume template that features space for internships:

Sample entry level resume including internships and other student activities
Sample entry level resume including internships and other student activities

You can download this template — and 50+ others — from our entry level resume examples page.

Where to put internships on a resume

In your work experience section

This is the most common way of listing an internship on a resume. It’s also a good idea if you’re a college student with internships but no work experience applying for entry level positions.

Format the internship in the same way as you would any professional experience. Include the name of the company, the location, dates of employment, and your job title. Underneath, choose 2-4 accomplishments that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Example of how to list an internship in the work experience section of a resume
Example of how to list an internship in the work experience section of a resume

Here’s a text version you can copy and paste:

Project Management Intern, Jun 2021 — Sep 2021

  • Include 2-4 bullet points in the format [action verb] + [what you did] + [what the result was]
  • ...
Where to put internships on a resume
Where to put internships on a resume

In an internship section

If you’ve held a large number of internships, it can be worth separating them out into their own section. You should only choose this option if you don’t have any relevant paid work experience — as you gain more professional experience, you should focus mainly on that and spend less time on other parts of your resume.

In this case, you should still list any relevant accomplishments. You can include less detail if you’re adding a lot of internships, but still aim for 1-2 accomplishments for each internship.

Here’s a text version you can use as a resume template:


COMPANY NAME, [Location]
HR Intern, [Dates of Employment]

  • Accomplishment #1
  • Accomplishment #2

If you’re not sure how effective your internships are on your resume, upload it to the tool below — it’ll give you a detailed review of your internships, experience and accomplishments and suggest which ones to improve.

Tips for including internships on your resume

How to make internships look good on a resume

  • Use a specific job title — for example, “Marketing Intern” rather than simply “Intern.”
  • If you weren’t given a specific job title, ask your supervisor if there’s one you can use on your resume.
  • If it’s appropriate for your line of work, you can list seasons rather than months or dates, e.g. “Summer 2021.” If you do this, make sure you’re using the same format consistently for all experiences on your resume.
  • Don’t list everything you did as part of your internship. Stick to the most relevant accomplishments for the type of work you’ll be doing in your new job.

Including internships on a resume if you’re changing careers

Internships aren’t just for college students — they’re also useful for career changers. Starting off with an internship is a great way to get your foot in the door of a new industry, make connections, and gain relevant professional accomplishments.

Assuming your internships were recent, include them at the top of your work experience section, above any previous unrelated work experience. You should always list your jobs in reverse chronological order, so if your internships are a little older, pull them out to a separate section or include them as part of a featured education section at the top of your resume.

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When to take internships off a resume

You should keep internships on your resume if:

  • You’re a student or recent graduate
  • You lack paid work experience
  • You’re changing careers
  • They’re directly relevant to the jobs you’re applying for
  • You interned somewhere particularly prestigious (like Google or Microsoft)

It’s time to take internships off your resume if:

  • They’re older than 5+ years
  • You’ve held 2-3 professional jobs since then
  • They’re pushing your resume over one page in length

And while it’s totally okay to list current internships, you shouldn’t include upcoming internships on a resume. Why not? Because your resume should focus on accomplishments, and you can’t list accomplishments from something you haven’t actually done yet.

Internship resume examples

If you’re struggling to think of concrete accomplishments from an internship to list on your resume, here are some examples from internships in some of the most common industries.

Computer science internship resume example

Software Development Intern, Jun 2017 – Sep 2017

  • Developed web scraping program in Python to help the firm download public data, including over 10,000 company descriptions and stock quotes, enriching internal data and increasing research efficiency by over 50%
  • Implemented crash reporter and used findings to fix three biggest causes of crashes; reduced customer support calls by 30%
  • Designed and implemented 50+ E2E tests using Selenium & Protractor, simulating each user group's actions

Engineering internship resume example

Electrical Engineer Intern, Jun 2021 – Sep 2021

  • Performed analysis on product performance, provided recommendations that improved product performance by 10%.
  • Assisted two engineers in developing engineering solutions, which reduced company costs by 15%.
  • Ran weekly tests and validity checks on data, equipment, and software, reducing error rates by 12%.

Business and project management internship resume example

RESUME WORDED (8 employee venture-backed recruitment startup), New York, NY
Business Analyst Intern, Jun 2021 – Sep 2021

  • Developed an Excel macro and standardized reporting templates, resulting in efficient data collection and a 35% reduction in turnaround time
  • Created knowledge base of 80 internal resources, improving employee onboarding and reducing time spent per project on administrative tasks by 40%
  • Managed international stakeholders in India, United Kingdom and Hong Kong by hosting daily standups and coordinating weekly status reports

Marketing internship resume example

Marketing Intern, Jun 2016 – Sep 2016

  • Led the transition to a paperless practice by implementing an electronic booking system and a faster, safer and more accurate business system; reduced cost of labor by 30% and office overhead by 10%
  • Analyzed data from 25000 monthly active users and used outputs to guide marketing and product strategies; increased average app engagement time by 2x, 30% decrease in drop off rate, and 3x shares on social media

Finance and accounting internship resume example

Finance Intern, Jun 2020 – Sep 2020

  • Verified the reliability of the earnings predictions and having an average of 75% success rate.
  • Reviewed and entered payable invoices, adjusted entries, entered inter-company transactions and assisted with administrative tasks with 100% accuracy.
  • Prepared 4 budgetary presentation materials for the management team, successfully leading to department approval.

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