Entry Level Product Manager
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Hiring Manager for Entry Level Product Manager Roles
Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

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Entry Level Product Manager Resume Sample

Your Name
Entry Level Product Manager
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Resume Worded January 2022 - Present
Associate Product Manager
Boosted user engagement by 20% through establishing a user feedback loop, monitoring metrics, and implementing identified improvements
Enhanced in-app user experience by collaborating with the design and engineering teams, resulting in an overall customer rating increase of 15%
Shaved off 4 hours per week of management time by creating an effective methodology for prioritizing product feature requests
Raised launch efficiency by 10% by defining, tracking, and reporting product metrics and KPIs regularly
Conducted weekly competitive analysis and market research, which led to innovative and differentiated product features, gaining a 30% user increment
Coached.com June 2021 - December 2021
Product Management Intern
Spearheaded a project to revamp the company’s mobile app, which led to a 25% increase in user downloads within three months
Authored a detailed product requirements document (PRD) that improved cross-functional team cohesiveness by 35%
Streamlined the roadmap planning process, thereby making the workflow 10% more efficient
Microsoft January 2020 - May 2021
Customer Support Specialist
Expedited resolution of customer issues by 15% by implementing effective troubleshooting strategies
Elevated customer satisfaction rate by 30% by ensuring top-notch support and follow-ups
Cut down on ticket backlog by 20% through creation and application of efficient ticket handling procedures
Resume Worded University December 2019
Bachelor of Business Administration - Major in Marketing
Concentration in Digital Marketing
Awarded Marketing Student of the Year in 2019 (6 awarded out of class)
Resume Worded Institute May 2021
Certified Product Manager (CPM)
Comprehensive training in product strategy, planning, and marketing
Part-time certification overlapped with tenure at Microsoft in the Customer Support role
Product Management: Product Lifecycle Management, Product Strategy, Competitive Analysis, Market Research
Technical Skills: MS Office, MS Teams, Google Suite, CRM software (Salesforce, Zoho)
Software: Jira, Confluence, Asana, Slack
User Experience (UX): Persona Creation, User Flows, Mockups, Wireframing, Usability Testing
Certifications: Pragmatic Marketing Framework Certification - Level Foundations (2023)
Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational), French (Basic)
Leadership & Volunteering: Product Management Association - Member and Mentor, Habitat for Humanity - Volunteer
Projects: Led a virtual team to develop a market entry strategy for a new product as part of my Product Manager Certification, resulting in a top 5% grade in the class
Text Template #4

Junior Product Manager Resume Sample

Your Name
Junior Product Manager
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Coached.com February 2022 - Present
Junior Product Manager
Transformed product vision into a strategic roadmap, leading to a 40% increase in product lifetime value
Propelled a cross-functional team towards successful project completion thereby increasing team productivity by 35%
Boosted stakeholder satisfaction by 20% with clear and regular product progress communications
Streamlined the user journey by 10% following a comprehensive user experience research
Proposed and validated innovative product features through rapid prototyping, generating 30% more user feedback
Resume Worded July 2021 - January 2022
Product Analyst
Delivered insights from data analysis leading to a 10% increase in feature adoption
Facilitated a swifter decision-making process by designing and implementing an impactful product dashboard
Contributed to the successful release of two flagship products by preparing comprehensive go-to-market strategies
Apple January 2020 - June 2021
Operations Specialist
Improved operations efficiency by 20% through the implementation of standardized procedures
Reduced error rates by 15% by developing robust quality checks
Augmented team productivity by 10% by providing regular training and feedback sessions
Resume Worded University May 2022
Master of Business Administration
Concentration in Product Management, Minor in Data Analytics
Dean's list 2022 (Top 10%)
Resume Worded Institute December 2019
Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing
Certificate in Digital Marketing
Member of University Entrepreneurship Club
Software: JIRA, Confluence, Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Analytics
Product Management: Agile Product Development, Sprint Planning, User Research, A/B Testing, User Experience (UX) Design
Data Analysis: Tableau, SQL, R, Python
Languages: English (Native), French (Fluent), Spanish (Intermediate)
Certifications: Certified Product Owner (Scrum Alliance), Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Projects: Developed product roadmap for a start-up e-commerce platform, resulted in 30% quarterly growth
Awards: Awarded 'Best Young Product Manager' by Productize Forum (2022)
Volunteering: Mentor at CodeNewbie – helped 20+ new coders navigate tech industry
Text Template #5

Associate Product Manager Resume Sample

Your Name
Associate Product Manager
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Resume Worded March 2022 - Present
Associate Product Manager
Formulated a more engaging product storyline leading to a 30% increase in user engagement
Contributed to a 20% product profitability increase by suggesting and implementing more cost-effective development strategies
Drove revenue growth by 15% through market gap identification and guiding product direction accordingly
Implemented data-driven decision making, boosting team productivity by 25%
Initiated weekly peer-learning sessions, enhancing team knowledge by 30% in product management best practices
Coached.com August 2021 - February 2022
Business Analyst
Devised a model predicting future sales based on campaign performance, improving forecast accuracy by 10%
Reduced monthly finance reporting hours by 10% by constructing an interactive dashboard
Collaborated on a project to optimize the pricing model, which increased revenue by 15%
Salesforce February 2020 - July 2021
Customer Service Representative
Increased consumer contentment levels by 20% with expert problem-solving skills
Developed a customer retention strategy that reduced attrition rate by 10%
Overturned negative ratings by 15% by adopting a proactive approach to customer complaints
Resume Worded Institute December 2021
Master's in Business Administration (MBA) - Product Management
Focus on New Product Planning and Product Lifecycle Management
Awarded Resume Worded Fellowship for Outstanding Academic Performance
Resume Worded University May 2019
Bachelor of Science - Business Administration
Specialization in Marketing and Sales
Earned Dean's List Recognition for Three Consecutive Years
Product Management Tools: JIRA, Aha!, Trello, Asana, Microsoft Project
Data Analysis Tools: Tableau, Excel (Advanced), Google Analytics, SQL, Salesforce
Additional Tech Skills: HTML/CSS, WordPress, Shopify, Zoom, Slack
Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational)
Certifications: Certified Product Manager - AIPMM (2022), Scrum Master Certificate from Scrum.org
Projects: Developed and launched a personal productivity app with 5,000+ downloads on the Google Play Store
Volunteering: Pro Bono Business Consultant at Local Non-profit Organization
Text Template #6

Entry Level Product Specialist Resume Sample

Your Name
Entry Level Product Specialist
City, Country  •  (123) 456-789  •  [email protected]  •  linkedin.com/in/your-profile
Coached.com April 2022 - Present
Product Specialist
Established effective product documentation reducing onboarding time of new team members by 40%
Managed the product backlog efficiently, boosting team velocity by 20%
Drove product direction leading to a 25% increase in product usage
Organized fortnightly customer feedback collection drives which improved customer retention by 15%
Spearheaded user acceptance testing drive that improved product quality by 10%
Resume Worded September 2021 - March 2022
Market Research Intern
Conducted primary and secondary research to understand market trends better, influencing product direction and contributing to a 10% market share increase
Enhanced engagement with survey respondents by 35% with effective communication techniques
Synthesized user feedback into actionable tasks, improving user satisfaction by 20%
Google March 2020 - August 2021
Customer Success Intern
Delivered exceptional customer service resulting in a 20% popularity spike in company forums
Created reusable guides and FAQs, slashing customer issues by 15%
Streamlined communication between customer service team and product team, reducing ticket resolution time by 10%
Resume Worded University May 2020
Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing
Focus on Product Management and Market Analysis
Achievements: Dean's Excellence List 2018 and 2020
Resume Worded Institute September 2020
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
Completed intensive 3-month course while working full-time at Google
Awarded Best Project for case study on Lean Six Sigma
Product Management: Market Analysis, Product Roadmapping, Agile Project Management, Stakeholder Management, User Experience Design, Quality Assurance Testing
Digital Marketing: SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing
Technical: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, CRM (Salesforce), JIRA, Confluence
Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent), Mandarin (Intermediate)
Certifications: Google Analytics Individual Qualification, HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
Volunteering: Mentor, Project Management Institute New Graduates Program (2021-Present)
Achievements: “Exemplary Employee Award” – Google (2021)
Projects: Led a cross-functional team of 5 interns in the creation, development, and launch of a new user support system at Resume Worded

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