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3 Production Manager Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

Production managers work in a variety of fields to help businesses lower their costs and maximize their efforts. If you have the ability to think on your feet while seeing the big picture, being a production manager may be the ideal career for you. This production manager resume guide will discuss three templates by specialty and highlight key skills and action verbs to include to help your resume stand out.

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Overseeing a portion of the production of a business is no easy task, and so those who are willing to take the reigns as production managers are often highly sought after professionals. If your goal is to be a production manager in any field, you can expect to demonstrate your ability to produce products, lower costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Industrial or manufacturing production managers, video production managers, and print production managers all earn around $70,000 a year while utilizing technical skills that are specific to their trade.

Even though the responsibilities of a production manager will vary depending on the industry of their expertise, the key factors to keep in mind as you write your resume (which we’ll cover below) are universal. Read on to find out what production managers should emphasize, as well as to learn the differences in their specializations. At the end, we’ll cover key skills and action verbs that you should be sure to include throughout your resume.

Production Manager Resume Templates

Production Manager Resume Templates