Director of Operations Resume Guide

4 Director of Operations Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Directors of operations make sure that the daily activities of a company happen without a hitch and most efficiently and effectively. A strong director of operations will mean increased output, reduced costs, and increased efficiency for a company, so recruiters are very diligent when hiring professionals for this position. This guide will show you how to highlight the skills and qualifications in your resume that will impress recruiters and get you that job.

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Hiring Manager for Director of Operations Roles
Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

The director of operations job is multifunctional. The main goal is to guide the staff through day-to-day activities and ensure that the company is running efficiently. That requires you to be able to strategies, set KPIs, hire appropriate staff, analyze operations to look for points of weakness, deal with any day-to-day problems that arise, etc. Your resume’s experience section should show experience doing many of these tasks.

Most directors of operations will be required to at least have a bachelor’s degree; preferably in operations, business, management, or a related field. If your bachelor’s degree is not closely related to business operations, getting a master’s degree in the field would be a huge benefit. In addition, you will be expected to have 10 or more years of experience in operations or business management.

Outside of a strong educational background and lengthy experience period, directors of operations must be effective communicators and collaborators so highlighting communication or collaboration successes in your resume would most definitely help in attracting recruiters.

This guide was developed with recruiters in the field and includes useful resume samples, a list of skills you could include, and effective action verbs we recommend for your experience section. Take a look.

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