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5 Software Engineer Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

Software engineers need to be equipped for a field of ever-changing technology. Showing your adaptability in your work is essential for any software engineer’s resume. Today we’ll be helping you by providing five software engineer resume templates to help you do just that: display your technical versatility, prove your results, and demonstrate necessary skills in 2021.

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Software engineers play a crucial role in various elements of software development. The programs that you run on your computer? The many apps installed on your phone? Some of the tech inside smartwatches? At some point, a software engineer was needed to finish the product. Even the coding of this website required a software engineer to make.

With technology continuously on the rise, so is the demand for software engineers. The need for them hasn’t declined in a long time. Developers have a bright future in the job market; employment in this field is projected to boost 22% over the next decade.

Because technology is ever-changing, recruiters want to see a willingness to learn and adapt. However, they also want to see your experience with various software programs or skills like HTML/CSS, Python, Java, and more. If you’re transitioning to or from a role like data analytics, many of the skills you learned or used will be useful in your new job.

Continue reading to view examples of effectively written software engineer resumes that will get you your next job.

Software Engineer Resume Example

Software Engineer Resume Templates

Entry Level Software Engineer Resume Sample

If you’re a recent college graduate or completed a Bootcamp, this is the resume template for you. The key here is for you to sell yourself with the skills you’ve learned, projects you’ve completed, and software tools you’ve used. Internship experience, if any, will be useful to highlight as well. This sample lists many activities, projects, and classes that are relevant to the position, and communicate effective use of the knowledge they have.

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