3 Node.js Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

Node.js developers play a crucial part in designing real-time interactive web applications. Read on to learn how to create a Node.js resume that’ll get you interviews in 2021 (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

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Node.js developers handle the server-side programming for web-based apps with dynamic, personalized content, such as Netflix. These programmers write code (primarily in JavaScript) that controls the flow of data between users and servers and enables web apps to function smoothly.

As a Node.js developer, you’ll merge user-facing components (designed by front-end developers) with back-end programming logic to create apps that load quickly and perform well on various devices. You might also be responsible for adding security features and integrating data sources into your apps.

Demand for all types of web developers is rapidly growing, and it’s only expected to increase in the coming years -- the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% increase in web development jobs between 2019 and 2029, about double the average rate of growth for most professions.

Becoming a Node.js developer requires specialized, high-level technical skills as well as the ability to analyze complex problems, design innovative solutions, and collaborate on teams. How can you craft a resume that will highlight your professional abilities and help you get interviews? Let’s talk about what recruiters want to see on your Node.js resume in 2021.

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