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10 Mechanical Engineer Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Mechanical engineering is a diverse field with a multitude of applications. Read these resume samples to learn what hiring managers want to see in 2023 (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

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At its core, engineering is all about creating innovative solutions to the problems of our times. Mechanical engineers design and develop mechanical devices such as auto engines, computer hard drives, and aircraft parts to help solve these problems and improve people’s quality of life.

These professionals apply the concepts of physics, science, and math as they conceptualize, plan, design, and test new devices. They may also oversee the manufacturing of the products they create.

Mechanical engineers can find work in a wide range of industries including automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and biotechnology. And the job outlook for mechanical engineers is positive -- the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) estimates a 4% growth in mechanical engineering positions from 2019 to 2029.

To become a mechanical engineer, you’ll need a strong foundation in math and physics, and you’ll also need a healthy dose of ingenuity and resourcefulness. You need to be an “outside-of-the-box” thinker who can devise new ways of solving problems.

If you’re seeking a mechanical engineering position, your resume should show that you’re up to the challenge of the job. Let’s talk about what a great mechanical engineering resume should look like in 2023.

Template 9 of 10: Entry-Level Mechanical Engineer Resume Example

Entry-level mechanical engineer positions are highly sought after by recent engineering grads. Mechanical engineers are responsible for developing, designing, and troubleshooting mechanical devices. Every machine you see out in the world was developed with the help of a mechanical engineer.

This position requires strong technical knowledge, so hiring managers will want a candidate with an educational background in mechanical engineering. A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering will show recruiters you have the basics mastered. If you went on to receive additional engineering certifications, highlighting those will help you stand out. In addition, it helps to have experience. Whether it be through an internship, co-op, or past role, showing you have applied the academic principles of mechanical engineering in a real setting will be effective.

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Entry level mehanical engineer resume with a degree in mechanical engineering, skills in engineering design, and internship experience.

Tips to help you write your Entry-Level Mechanical Engineer resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry-Level Mechanical Engineer resume

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