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5 Front End Developer Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

Front end developers play a crucial role in crafting websites or apps that are functional, beautiful, and accessible. Showing that you have the relevant skills and experience is important for any front end developer’s resume. Below, we’ve compiled five resume templates with the most important qualities to have in 2021. (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

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When applying to a front end developer role, it’s important to understand the difference between a front end, back end, and full stack developer.

Front end developers build the parts of websites and apps you interact with everyday. They understand what a user needs and they anticipate how you will try to retrieve that information. They then use this knowledge to program a seamless user experience from start to finish. Meanwhile, back end developers build the server-side infrastructure of a website or app that pulls that data for the user. Full stack developers are jack of all trades. They work on (you guessed it!) the full stack, and can develop for both the front end and the back end.

It might be easier to think of it this way -- imagine you’re building a house for a user to live in. Back end developers are the ones responsible for everything happening behind the walls. They install utilities like electrical wires, water pipes, and heating/cooling systems.

Front end developers design a seamless experience for those living in the house to access those utilities. They answer questions such as: Where should we install the outlets or light switches? How do we design intuitive controls? How do we integrate everything functionally and beautifully?

If you enjoy tackling these sorts of questions, you’re in the right place. Front end developers are creative and technical artists who get to work with a diversity of teams, including UI/UX design teams and analysts, software engineers, and more. Continue reading below to view examples of effectively written front end developer templates that will help land you your next front end developer role.

How to Write a Front End Development Resume

Front End Developer Resume Templates

Entry Level Front End Developer Resume Sample

If you’re a recent college graduate or if you’re in the middle of changing careers, this is the resume template for you. The key here is to sell yourself with the skills you have learned, the front end projects you’ve completed, and the relevant tools you used. Internship experience, if any, will be useful to highlight as well. This sample lists the development internships they’ve had, along with relevant activities, projects, and technical skills such as HTML/CSS and Javascript that are relevant to the position.

Recruiter Insight: Why this resume works in 2021