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5 Java Developer Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

Java developers are the cornerstone of the industry. While most developers will know and use several programming languages over the course of their careers, getting a job as a Java developer will give you longevity and security. In short, Java developer jobs are perennially in demand. In this article, we’ll look at some example resumes to help you demonstrate your skill as a Java developer to employers.

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Compared with most programming languages, Java is a relative dinosaur. Created in 1995, it has become industry standard for many types of programming functionality for its cross-platform functionality and ease of scalability as your company’s service grows. This is especially true if you’re going to create any kind of Android applications or technology that interacts with what the industry calls “the Internet of Things.” Since this includes all smart home and wearable devices, there’s certainly only going to be upward growth as a Java developer.

The best part of job hunting a Java developer is that there is no shortage of open jobs. Coding bootcamps and other non-traditional educational resources have become common as the industry struggles to fill the gap between supply and demand in the labor market. While most Java developers do have four-year degrees, it’s also possible to prove your skill level with practical application of skill. For example, GitHub is an industry-accepted open-source portfolio platform that is often used as a way to secure a job as a Java developer. For those looking for a career change in a growth industry, Java developer jobs are a great option.

Java Developer Resume Guide

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