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3 Environmental Engineer Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

An environmental engineer is prepared to help companies reduce waste and maximize their resources. They conduct research to evaluate the current and future environmental hazards to develop eco-friendly solutions. This career requires you to have a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, or a similar field, according to BLS. If this is your case, and you’d like to optimize your resume, you’re in the right place. Today we’ll give you some tips that could help you boost your environmental engineering resume.

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An environmental engineer is responsible for assessing and preventing environmental hazards. They also implement strategies to optimize the use of ecosystem resources and help companies get compliant with environmental regulations. If you’ll be working in the manufacturing or industrial sector, you might want to showcase your knowledge of environmental laws in your resume. 

This is a highly technical career that usually requires advanced training, so you might want to consider highlighting your educational background. You can also include relevant certifications that help you stand out from competitors. 

Some of your responsibilities as an environmental engineer include conducting site assessments, forecasting potential hazards, and interpreting data. Additionally, you must develop innovative solutions to reduce waste and maintain an organization compliant with laws and regulations. 

Once you have a respective plan, you must obtain permits to carry out the solutions. You are also responsible for offering recommendations to the organization for waste reduction activities. 

Environmental engineers can work in government agencies, consultancy firms, and the construction and manufacturing industries. They generally work in the office, but they also work in the field while carrying out audits. 

Now that we know more about this position, it’s time to explore some resume tips and downloadable templates.

Template 3 of 3: Entry Level Environmental Engineer Resume Example

An entry-level environmental engineer contributes to resource management, waste disposal improvement, and environmental sustainability. Their role is to help companies and communities reduce their impact on the environment. Some of them will work in the field to improve soil and water conditions. However, since this is an entry-level position, you may not have extensive industry experience, but you can Include extracurricular projects on your resume to validate your skills.

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An entry-level environmental engineer resume template including volunteering experience.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Environmental Engineer resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Environmental Engineer resume

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