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5 Web Developer Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

With an increasingly digital world, web development is one of the fastest growing fields to get into - and a finely-crafted resume is a key tool for opening the door. Learn how to make your skillset stand out with five examples of web developer resumes and industry-based best practices in this guide.

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A product or brand’s website is its digital footprint in the cloud, and the staggering rise in e-commerce means that companies aren’t willing to take their web presence lightly. That’s where web developers come in. Offering a range of abilities that can improve the consumer experience and the company’s conversion rate, web developers can be viewed as a golden asset for businesses and individuals alike.

It’s no surprise that the ever-expanding internet is in constant need of web developers. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that the field is growing “much faster” than most occupations, with an increase of 8 percent in the number of jobs between 2019-2029. The median pay is $77,200, making it a solid career choice.

While there are numerous positions opening up for web developers, the relatively small amount of formal education that’s expected (with an associate’s degree being the standard) means there is significant competition for quality roles. This guide will help you understand what hiring managers are looking for, and give you an idea of what template your web developer resume should be based on.

To start with, keep in mind that the web developer category is fairly broad. A company looking for a web developer may need someone skilled in front-end work (such as user interfaces), back-end work (such as server optimization), or specific technologies (such as mobile app development). Ideally, your resume should be tailored to the position you’re applying for, with appropriate skills and experiences highlighted to match the role you’re applying for. The job description itself should provide hints as to what the position requires most.

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Even without significant experience working for companies as a web developer, you can convey your capacity for the job by highlighting your skills and demonstrating how well you can put those skills to use. This can be done by including the relevant, skills-associated experience you have, either with companies, during your time in college, or with personal ventures.

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