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4 Service Technician Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

The service technician job space is vibrant at the moment. It's an ideal space to work in due to the diversity of jobs and industries. It is a fair assessment to contend that service technicians are needed in almost every industry. At the elementary level, these professionals handle the technical aspects of the equipment in their domain of work, be it in engineering, IT, agriculture, etc. So, how do you make your service technician resume stand out? Here's how.

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Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
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Service technicians are required in virtually every industry. The machines and equipment used in various industries need to be frequently maintained, redesigned or repaired to keep them in optimum condition. So, service technicians are a vital cog in the wheel that keeps companies operational. At a basic level, we can define service technicians as skilled professionals who do technical services and repairs.

Due to the diverse nature of industries that need service technicians, the employment outlook is positive. According to TechForce, a nonprofit organization that prepares and channels students into careers as professional technicians, there's a real shortage of technicians. The U.S. industry, for example, requires roughly 260,000 technicians annually against the 48,000 released into the labour force. Interestingly, demand continues to outpace supply year after year. So, there's no doubt that these professionals are in demand.

But more importantly, technicians generally get middle-class pay and have many career development options. Generally, a high school diploma and a technical degree from an accredited learning institution are enough to get you started. According to a U.S. career website, 66% of service technicians have a high school diploma or GED. Only 3% have a master's degree. Often, career progression is based on experience level and skill set.

So, here is how to tailor your service technician resume to stand a good chance of joining this competitive industry.

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