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5 Sales Associate Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

Sales associates help customers find and purchase the products and services they need. When crafting your sales associate resume, make sure to include relevant skills that hiring managers are looking for. In this article, we’ve compiled five resume templates with the most important qualities to have in 2021. (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

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Sales associates are the face of a company and an indispensable part of a company’s sales process. As a sales associate, you are at the front lines, and you could be selling anything from clothing to car parts.

You are a fantastic relationship builder and can strike up an easy conversation with almost any customer they meet. You can read people’s body language well and have a strong sense of empathy for the confusing parts of making certain purchases. You’re always able to keep a positive attitude and are patient even with frustrated customers.

With in-person retailers slowly opening back up in 2021, the demand for this position will undoubtedly increase, and there are abundant opportunities for those looking to work as a sales associate.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Continue reading below to see what a great sales associate resume should look like in 2021.

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Sales Associate Resume Templates

Entry-Level Sales Associate Resume Sample

If you just recently graduated from college, you may not have several years of sales experience under your belt. That’s normal, and there’s no need to fret about it -- hiring managers know to look at different areas of your resume to gauge your skills and abilities in the workplace. Use this template to sell yourself to companies and demonstrate that you are absolutely capable of getting the job done.

Recruiter Insight: Why this resume works in 2021