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6 Business Development Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

If you’re interested in helping businesses act on lucrative opportunities, look no further than the field of business development. With a number of new products and markets constantly emerging, business development specialists are in steady demand. Find out what you should include in your business development resume as we discuss six examples and go over key skills and action verbs that hiring managers are looking for.

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Businesses in industries of all types are looking to restructure and expand into new markets as a result of the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. This is where business development specialists come in, enabling businesses to act on viable opportunities and operate with optimal flexibility.

Business development specialists are in high demand. Per Zippia, the field is growing by eight percent a year and the average salary is over $92,000.

Business development can encompass a variety of roles, meaning that the skills you’ll need will vary depending on the position you’re applying for. Some business development specialists are dedicated to client management, while others may be more focused on assessing the departments and operations of a business to determine what type of marketing campaign can be run with the resources available. Generally, though, having a background in business, sales, or finance will come in handy.

While the type of resume you craft will be dependent on your personal experience and the particular job listing, this guide will cover six example templates of business development specialists that you can use to base your resume on. Additionally, we’ll discuss the most common types of skills hiring managers will be looking for, and finish up with some tips that are helpful to keep in mind as you craft your own business development resume.

Business Development Resume Templates

Entry-Level Business Development Manager Resume Sample

Entry level business development managers can make a big impression even with less experience in the field. This applicant showcases their ability to come up with strategies, find opportunities, and produce new business throughout their application by using strong action verbs. As a result, creativity and innovation are both soft skills that come across well without being directly mentioned.

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