Hotel Manager Resume Guide

5 Hotel Manager Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Every hotel has a manager or a team of managers, and with global and national tourism back on the rise after Covid, there is increasing demand for these professionals. Here are 3 resume examples that will help you build a resume that will land you a hotel manager job.

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Hiring Manager for Hotel Manager Roles
Author: Ellie Graham
Senior Hiring Manager - Hotel Manager Roles
12+ Years of Experience

A hotel manager is responsible for ensuring that all the hotel departments are operating efficiently to provide the best customer service. It is a fast-paced job with new challenges needing problem-solving every day. It is also a job that requires you to split your time between behind-the-scenes tasks with staff and customer-facing responsibilities. 

This profession is as popular with women as it is with men with both genders taking up about 50% of the just under 6k jobs in the United States today. An interesting fact, if you are looking to move to a place where you will be the most in-demand, Las Vegas, NV is the place to go.

Most hotel managers have a bachelor’s degree or other forms of further education, so recruiters will expect to see that on your resume. They will also be looking to see years of experience in the hospitality industry, so a strong experience section is very important for your resume. 

This guide will show you how to build not only a strong experience section but how to build a strong skills section and introduction section as well. We will also give you resume samples to get you started.

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