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19 Sales Manager CV Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Ready to become the sales manager with the golden CV? This article is your roadmap. As a no-nonsense career coach and hiring manager, I've boiled down what truly counts on a sales manager CV. Discover time-tested samples, modern templates, and action-driven examples that'll kick your CV into high gear for 2024. Be ready to cut through the noise with a CV that points to your success in the sales field.

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Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

Each sale is a performance, and all eyes are on the sales manager. This headliner role demands not just selling skills, but the ability to lead a team, nail targets and foster client relationships. As a hiring manager, those are the traits we search for on a Sales Manager CV. The question then is, how do you bring these on-paper personas to life in your own CV?

A common path for sales managers begins with an entry-level role in sales, moving up to a team lead role, before finally landing the prestigious sales manager position. This steady progression showcases experience, leadership, and a proven sales track record. Highlight these convincingly in your CV.

As the globe tentatively emerges from the pandemic of the early 2020s, we've spotted a trend in the Sales Manager sphere of 2023-2024. Companies are seeking not just seasoned sales managers, but individuals with strong digital acumen and remote team management skills. Market versatility is the latest must-have.

When it comes to CVs versus resumes in the sales industry, let me put one myth to bed. In the UK, Europe and Australia, a CV and a resume are, indeed, the same thing. It's just a naming quirk. Yes, you may stumble across the idea that CVs are lengthy, 3-4 page documents. Toss that aside unless you are in academia or research. For any Sales Manager, your CV needs to follow resume rules: keep it to a succinct and impactful 1-2 pages.

In the coming article, we'll guide you through crafting your CV. This includes showcasing your skills, using 2024-compliant templates, and more. Watch this space for expert advice to make your Sales Manager CV command the spotlight it deserves.

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