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2 B2B Sales Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

B2B (Business to Business) sales is the process of implementing sales strategies to target corporate-level stakeholders. B2B sales representatives sell products or services that businesses can use, instead of targeting individual customers. Therefore, this is a longer sales cycle compared to B2C (Business to Consumer). B2B sales representatives have a strong background in sales, including professional education and related experience. Today, we’ll teach you how to create a high-performing resume for a B2B sales role.

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Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
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B2B sales consist of selling a product or service to another company. This process targets companies instead of individual consumers. Generally, representatives have to wait for multistakeholder approval, which is why this is a longer process than the usual B2C cycle. Additionally, B2B customers are more educated about the service they are looking for. This means you will have to be creative in the negotiation process to differentiate your product from others. 

Most employers are looking for passionate candidates, so you need to demonstrate this in your resume. B2B requires strong business acumen and communication skills. If you want to demonstrate your passion for your profession, you can talk about achievements in previous work experience. 

B2B is all about negotiation skills, so this is also something you may want to highlight in your resume. Eventually, it’s those negotiation skills that will help you close deals. Another important thing to mention in your resume is prospecting, which is a crucial factor in the B2B sales cycle. 

If you want to learn more tips for your B2B resume, take a look below. We have prepared some industry-relevant tips that you can implement to boost your resume. Additionally, we’ve included some downloadable resume templates for you.

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