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5 Advertising Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2022

When companies have goods and services to sell to the public, they engage advertisers to create engaging stories or concepts to make the public aware of the product and make them want to purchase it. In short, you could say that advertisers lead consumers to the company’s products. This guide will explore various advertiser titles and give you tips to create a strong and successful advertiser resume.

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Hiring Manager for Advertising Roles
Author: Carl Stevenson
Senior Hiring Manager - Advertising Roles
17+ Years of Experience

The goal of advertising something is to build awareness of it and to make people want to buy the product. You are selling the idea of having that product to the consumer. This is a part of marketing and so advertisers will be a part of the marketing department or will work for an advertising agency that offers their services to companies. We should also note that an advertiser can advertise more than just a good or service. They can advertise a political party or candidate, a faith-based organization, or even arms of a huge organization like the UN or a government agency. 

The advertising space is incredibly competitive, so you need to be especially creative and convincing to get a foot in the door or promotion in this field. While an educational background in marketing or a similar field would be a huge advantage, it is not an absolute requirement and can be substituted with a breadth of experience. Here are some advertiser resumes and some tips to create your own and nab the job.