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15 Administrative Assistant Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Your resume is key to landing an interview in today’s competitive job market. In order to make your resume appealing, you’ll want to tailor your resume to the specific job by using relevant keywords, action verbs, and skills. Here are five templates that will get you started on your resume for an administrative assistant position in 2023.

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Administrative assistants are the backbone of the office. They act as liaisons and points of contacts between internal teams and with external teams as needed. Responsibilities include scheduling meetings, managing calendars, ordering office supplies, answering phone calls, taking notes, and supporting management and the team as needed. Administrative assistants help to keep the department organized and running smoothly overall.

There are various types of administrative assistants as well, ranging from departmental support to support for executives and other leadership. They vary in salary, responsibilities, and required experience. The role may range from requiring one year of experience or more.

Since administrative assistants are typically responsible for clerical tasks, decision-making, preparing reports and documents, you will want to showcase your communication, collaboration, and time management skills. Examples include improving efficiency in the department and ways that you maximized productivity by streamlining processes.

Now, let’s dive into what successful administrative assistant resume templates look like in 2023. We’ll examine five different examples of different administrative assistant roles to showcase the various positions and offer a strong place to start with your resume. After, we’ll go over a list of strong action verbs to emphasize your work experience and a list of the most common skills that recruiters are looking for in administrative assistants.

Template 8 of 15: Entry Level Administrative Assistant Resume Example

As an entry-level administrative assistant, you will be able to get your feet wet in the world of operations and business management. Entry-level administrative assistants will quickly learn how to monitor and optimize day-to-day business practices. They may be responsible for cataloging paperwork, ensuring office facilities are in working order, answering general phone calls, providing support with training and onboarding, and more.

To land this role, you will need to show a strong interest in administrative work and superb organizational skills. Hiring managers will look for someone with a minimum of an associate’s degree in a related field. Since this is an entry-level role, a lengthy resume is not necessary. However, you should showcase work you’ve done at past jobs, internships, or in volunteer roles that required organizational skills, time management, and/or great people skills.

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A resume for an entry level adminstrative assistant with a bachelor's degree and experience as an office assistant.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Administrative Assistant resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Administrative Assistant resume

Template 9 of 15: Entry Level Administrative Assistant Resume Example

Just like senior and executive-level administrative assistants, there are also entry-levels administrative assistant positions out there. Don’t worry if you don’t have administrative assistant work experience or if you’re looking to change careers — you should use your education and other related administrative experience to supplement it. You should also highlight relevant skills that are transferable to showcase previous experience with them in different environments.

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An entry-level administrative assistant resume template with related administrative work from other jobs, relevant skills, and education.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Administrative Assistant resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Administrative Assistant resume

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