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5 Executive Assistant Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

Executive assistants provide crucial support to top executives and are skilled at executing administrative and operational duties. When writing your executive assistant resume, it’s important to show that you have the relevant skills to succeed. Below we’ve compiled five resume templates with the most important qualities to have in 2021. (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

Author: Resume Worded Editorial Team
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Executive assistants are the behind-the-scenes gurus of the executive world. You help a company run smoothly, taking care of everything that helps executives be as productive as possible. You must be exceptionally organized, detail-oriented, and effective at communication, as well as fantastic at organizing meetings and making flawless travel arrangements. You enjoy wearing many different hats throughout the day as you support various needs and requests that may come up at a moment’s notice.

In the past months, as most companies continue to work remotely during the Covid-19 lockdown, executive assistants find themselves in a pivotal moment. Many administrative duties have been pared down significantly and travel has all but paused, bringing an end to many traditional administrative duties.

But in a changing environment, executive assistants are needed more than ever. Business leaders across all industries are facing new challenges and tackling new problems, and they need executive assistants who can help -- who can think on their feet, take initiative in uncertain situations, and get creative with solving unprecedented problems. Candidates who have strong business sense, technical savvy, and great emotional intelligence will be high in demand in the upcoming years.

What should an executive assistant resume look like in 2021? Continue reading below to view examples of effectively written executive assistant resumes that will help you land your next role.

Executive Assistant Resume Templates