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3 Dental Assistant Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

Dental assistants are on the front lines of working with both dentists and patients to create a clear path forward for dental health. If you want to work in a fast-paced field that contains both clinical and clerical elements, this guide will help you build a dental assistant resume by reviewing three example templates and a list of key skills and action verbs to consider including

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Dental health is considered by many physicians to be the foundation for overall health, meaning those who work in the field as dental assistants are providing a valuable service to the public while simultaneously honing various transferable skills.

Dental assistants are in high demand with the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipating a seven percent annual growth rate through 2029 - or almost double the rate of growth for most jobs.

Dental assistants can expect to work directly with patients, including completing registration, handling insurance details, and scheduling appointments. In addition, dental assistants will often perform clinical work such as sterilizing equipment, preparing the patient for the dentist, or assisting the dentist during oral health procedures.

Hiring managers are looking for specific skills and responsibilities in their dental assistant applicants, and this guide will help you identify and include the appropriate skills that match your experience. We’ll start by looking at three example resumes for dental assistants at different stages of their careers.

Dental Assistant Resume Templates