Medical Technologist Resume Guide

4 Medical Technologist Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Medical technologists are crucial medical professionals that perform tests on patients and process the results of those tests to help doctors make accurate diagnoses. It is a very technical profession requiring a specific skill set. This guide will help medical technologists craft resumes that satisfy recruiters’ expectations and make them competitive candidates in the job market. Resume samples and specialized recruiter tips are included.

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Hiring Manager for Medical Technologist Roles
Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

There are over 60k medical technologists in America right now and with new technologies for testing being invented and brought into the market every day, the number of needed technologists is bound to steadily increase. A medical technologist collects samples from or performs tests on patients to help doctors make accurate diagnoses. You may be tasked with analyzing tissue, body fluids, organs, and other substances. 

Though you can choose to be a general medical technologist and use various equipment to analyze samples, many technologists choose to specialize as their careers progress. Some specializations include MRI technology, CT technology, etc. You are more likely to find positions for specializations in larger health facilities where they can afford to have a large medical technologist team. Smaller facilities will normally need you to be able to use most of the equipment and perform a large range of tests. Recruiters will expect you to have a strong health background and experience in medical technology.

This resume guide was developed with top recruitment specialists in the medical field and gives an insight into what they are looking to see in your resume. We have included resume samples, recruiter tips, useful action verbs, and desired skills for your skills section.

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