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9 Case Manager Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

If you enjoy helping people and providing care to those who need it most, case management may be the career for you. Whether you’re seeking your first job or already in the field, we’ve got you covered with industry-specific tips, essential skills and keywords, and resume examples for you to use as templates.

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Case managers work directly with patients and healthcare providers to determine the best way to provide necessary care. As a case manager, you’ll need to balance patients’ needs with the resources available to you, which may vary depending on the context of your employer. Case managers often work for hospitals, private healthcare providers, and insurance companies, which means you’ll need to consider cost efficiency alongside patient care — which is to say that case management isn’t an easy job, but it is an extremely rewarding one.

Since you’ll be working in the medical field, you’ll need to demonstrate core technical skills as well as transferable skills like communication, crisis management, and conflict resolution. You may need a background in nursing, social work, as well as specific certificates or licencing depending on your field and state. Common prerequisites include the Certified Case Manager (CCM) and Accredited Case Manager (ACM) certifications.

Case manager salaries vary according to your field and background, with nurse case managers earning the highest salary at an average of over $70,000 a year. In 2023, case managers will need to be aware of trends like telehealth services and the growing impact of data mining and artificial intelligence.

Template 9 of 9: Entry-Level Case Manager Resume Example

Entry-level case managers are almost always found in the healthcare industry. The position will see you striving to facilitate the best care possible for patients. You will be in charge of assessing a patient’s needs, creating a treatment plan, coordinating services/care, and addressing any problems that may arise. You will be working under the supervision of a more experienced case manager and they will provide you with on-the-job training. Recruiters will expect to see a degree in healthcare or a related field. Any experience in the healthcare field will also be highly valued. Take a look at this strong resume sample.

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An entry-level case manager resume sample that highlights the applicant’s certifications and early experience.

Tips to help you write your Entry-Level Case Manager resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry-Level Case Manager resume

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