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5 Virtual Assistant Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

With the world being a lot more interconnected, and the covid pandemic making remote work a normal reality, the virtual assistant industry has been booming. Virtual assistants provide a support system for individuals or companies to make sure things run smoothly and logistics are taken care of. This guide will explore different types of virtual assistance and we will show you strong resumes for each position, as well as give you tips to help you create a resume that recruiters will be interested in.

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As the name suggests, a virtual assistant is a professional who assists their employer with a variety of tasks, and who works remotely. These tasks can be administrative, research-based tasks, logistics-based tasks, etc. The functions assigned to a virtual assistant will be based on their skill set and can change as their client's needs change. Because of this, virtual assistants are encouraged to continually build on their skill sets. 

Some virtual assistants work part-time and may have multiple clients, while others may work for one employer full-time. Luckily for newcomers, there is no set expectation for one's educational background, though a degree in business administration, management, or in the industry your client operates in, would be highly beneficial. Also beneficial would be certified virtual assistant courses you have done or certification for tools commonly used in the profession. For this position, experience is king, so get as much experience on your plate as possible. 

Here are some successful virtual assistant positions for you to model your resume off of.

Template 2 of 5: Entry-Level Virtual Assistant Resume Example

The virtual assistant industry is huge and constantly expanding. For entry-level virtual assistants, this is a good thing because there is bound to be an opportunity for you to get started. Entry-level VAs might not be assigned very complex tasks and might instead be assigned relatively simple tasks such as data collection, secretarial tasks, logistics, etc.

When creating an entry-level virtual assistant resume, include any experience in any position where you performed tasks that a virtual assistant would perform. For example in this resume, the applicant included their administrative assistant experience because that position is very similar to a virtual assistant position.

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A successful entry-level virtual assistant resume that encourages you to include hobbies and list your VA strengths.

Tips to help you write your Entry-Level Virtual Assistant resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry-Level Virtual Assistant resume

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