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14 Human Resources (HR) Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2023

Human resources professionals have a wealth of opportunities across different industries. Our sample HR resumes can help you get hired in 2023 (Google Docs and PDFs attached).

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Hiring Manager for Human Resources (HR) Roles
Author: Ellie Graham
Senior Hiring Manager - Human Resources (HR) Roles
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Human resources (HR) is a dynamic, rapidly expanding field that offers many potential career paths. Any company can benefit from having a skilled human resources professional on board to hire the right people, develop their talents, and help them succeed in their roles. After all, great employees are some of the most valuable assets a company can have.

Whether you’re seeking to become a human resources generalist, assistant, manager, or director, you can expect to work closely with other people and influence the culture of the company you’re working for. In addition to hiring and training new employees, your responsibilities could include managing performance, resolving conflicts, and communicating company policies to staff.

In the past, human resources roles were more heavily focused on administrative tasks such as payroll and benefits. While modern human resources professionals still do some of these duties, they are also leaders who support team members and provide guidance to others.

The demand for these talented professionals is steadily growing, and jobs for human resource managers and specialists are expected to increase by 6-7% over the next decade -- faster than the average growth rate in other professions.

If you’re applying for positions within human resources, you’ll need to show that you are adept at working with others and can juggle a wide range of responsibilities. How do you create a human resources resume that reflects the qualities recruiters are looking for in 2023? Read on to see our resume templates for inspiration.

Template 3 of 14: Entry Level Human Resources (HR) Resume Example

Entry-level human resources professionals can play important roles within a company, too. As human resources assistants or coordinators, they can start learning the ropes of an organization and do clerical duties to help support their department. To get one of these jobs, create a resume like this one to highlight your human resources-related education and internship history.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Human Resources (HR) resume in 2023

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Human Resources (HR) resume

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