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9 Recruiter Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2023

Every company or business has a recruiter; the person who finds the best people to join the team. Recruiters need to be personable and diligent individuals who can simultaneously balance the needs of the employer and potential employee. In this guide, we will provide 9 recruiter templates based on 9 titles in the recruiter profession. We will also give you some tips that will help you create a strong and successful resume that will have recruiters eager to have you on their team.

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Author: Mike McDonald
Senior Hiring Manager - Recruiter Roles
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If you have ever seen a job post, been contacted about a job opening, interviewed for a position, or onboarded into a company, you have seen the fruits of a recruiter’s labor. Recruiters have the important task of filling a company’s vacant job positions with qualified candidates. They are usually part of the human resources department.

To thrive as a recruiter you not only need to have soft skills like personability, discernment, and trustworthiness, but you also need hard skills like experience using recruitment technology, sourcing skills, and interviewing skills amongst others. Educationally, most recruiters will have at least a relevant bachelor’s degree in a field such as HR, psychology, etc. Beyond a bachelor’s degree, any certification in recruiting or recruitment technology would be highly beneficial.

Take a look at these recruiter resume templates and read our tips on how to craft your own successful resume.

Template 3 of 9: Entry-Level Recruiter Resume Example

An entry-level recruiter may be a human resources professional making a unilateral move or maybe someone entirely new to the HR field. Your tasks will be similar to a more experienced recruiter, but you may also be tasked with supporting more experienced recruiters. You may be tasked with looking at applications and shortlisting qualified candidates, scheduling and assisting with interviews, supporting the onboarding of successful candidates, etc.

An educational background in human resources would be highly beneficial but is not mandatory. Take a look at this successful entry-level recruiter resume.

Tips to help you write your Entry-Level Recruiter resume in 2023

Skills you can include on your Entry-Level Recruiter resume

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