Recruiting Coordinator Resume Guide

5 Recruiting Coordinator Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Covid and the Great Resignation that followed have brought a new level of importance to the recruitment coordinator role, as these professionals work extra hard to find new and effective ways to attract candidates from a workforce that has new expectations and demands. This guide was created to help recruitment coordinators create their own winning resumes that will secure them a recruitment coordinator job. Resume samples and unique tips are included.

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Hiring Manager for Recruiting Coordinator Roles
Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

There are over 150k recruiting coordinators in America today and that number is steadily growing. Recruiting coordinators are essentially the overseers of recruitment and, at times, the HR departments. It is your job to ascertain the company’s recruitment needs, develop strategies to fill those needs, and work with your department staff to develop targets and hit them. Though you may not be directly hiring and sourcing candidates, it is important that you have experience doing the tasks of your subordinates. It is also crucial that you have expert knowledge of all labor laws in the state or country you live in.

Recruiters will expect you to have a degree in HR or a relevant field. In fact, currently, 73% of candidates for this position have a bachelor’s degree and only 3% of candidates do not have a degree at all. More than 50% of recruiting coordinators work in large companies of more than 10k employees so looking to the larger companies in your area for any openings might be more fruitful.

This resume guide was developed with top recruitment specialists and gives an insight into what they are looking to see in your resume. We have included resume samples, recruiter tips, useful action verbs to use, and desired skills to use in your skills section.

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