Special Projects Resume Guide

3 Special Projects Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Special projects in an organization are all those initiatives that don’t fall under the initiative of regular duties. They are innovative projects with the intention to test new ideas, get teams together that wouldn’t regularly interact, and create a sense of collaboration. Some people refer to them as recreational projects, but their impact goes beyond that. Great ideas can come from special projects that could help the company’s growth. Multiple roles fall into the special projects category. Today, we’ll describe some of them. Additionally, we’ll give you some special projects resume examples, and tips to help you land a job in this field.

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Hiring Manager for Special Projects Roles
Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

Special project professionals are usually organizers who program, design and execute recreational or innovative plans. They can have multiple roles depending on the size of the project. Some of them will require you to manage large contracts and handle budgets. You might also direct other teams that you have never interacted with. 

Considering these projects are not part of regular duties, you will discover new strategies, techniques, and talents along the way. If you’re interested in learning more about special projects roles, take a look at this guide. 

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