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10 Communications Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

With the proliferation of digital media, especially social media and video, the demand for professional communicators will only increase in 2023. The ability to tell stories and measure data through the ever-increasing number of media channels are vital as organizations continually seek to engage their target audiences. Communications is also regarded as a highly creative sector with many opportunities and specializations. Here are some examples and tips around building your resume for this fast-moving and ever-evolving field.

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Communications professionals must be strong writers and storytellers and be able to communicate to various audiences through different media. This includes writing for media releases, publicity materials, brochures, advertisements, blog posts, social media, video scripts, speaking notes and media op-eds.

For a career in communications, it is recommended to have at minimum a college or undergraduate university degree in communications, journalism, or public relations. It is common for communications professionals to start in entry-level positions including communications coordinators. By gaining more experience and responsibilities, they can move on to roles with more responsibility such as communications specialist, public relations officer, press secretary, social media manager, and more senior roles including creative director, community engagement leader, or chief communication officer.

Professional communicators also need to think strategically, have strong interpersonal skills, and a willingness to stay on top of digital trends, especially around social media and video production.

There are many fields in communications, including journalism and media broadcasting, corporate communications, marketing and public relations, and politics. A communications degree offers the transferable skills that allows for specialization in one of many disciplines for a rewarding career.

Template 5 of 10: Entry Level Communications Resume Example

As an entry level communications role, you'll be dipping your toes into various facets like public relations, internal communications, media relations, and digital communications. It's an exciting field that's constantly evolving, with companies increasingly valuing effective communication across all mediums. Digital communication skills are in high demand, so it's essential to have a good grasp of social media trends and SEO practices. When drafting your resume, remember that it's all about showing how you can help a company communicate more effectively. You want to demonstrate your ability to adapt to new communication trends and tools, as well as your flair for creating engaging and informative content.

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A screenshot of a resume geared towards entry-level communications roles, showcasing relevant coursework and digital skills.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Communications resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Communications resume

Template 6 of 10: Entry Level Communications Resume Example

For many recent graduates, getting that first professional job in their chosen field with little to no practical experience can seem like a daunting task. If you’re in that position, take heart. Recruiters for entry level roles look for important skills you probably already have. The ability to communicate, collaborate, analyze and a demonstrated interest in digital and social media are considered valuable assets when applying for that communications dream job.

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An entry level communications specialist resume that highlights skills for graduates to get their first professional communications job

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Communications resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Communications resume

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