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7 Content Creator Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Content creation is currently one of the fastest-growing, if not the fastest-growing profession in the world. With the spread of technology and the internet, anyone with a phone or computer, and an internet connection can become a content creator. But to be a content creator that businesses are willing to pay, you have to go the extra mile. This guide will show you how to craft a strong content creator’s resume that will have businesses eager to collaborate with you.

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Hiring Manager for Content Creator Roles
Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
20+ Years of Experience

In simple terms, a content creator formulates, creates, and publishes material intended for entertainment, instruction, or marketing. When we say content creation these days, we are almost always referring to digital content. Some forms of digital content creation include social media posts (the most recognized), blogs, newsletters, articles, digital marketing material, etc. 

Content creators may work alone and may create their own brand and following and then collaborate with brands at a fee; this is the case for most social media influencer content creators. Alternatively, content creators can also be hired by a company to work solely on their brand as in-house content creators. Content creators can also work on a freelance basis, and work with a handful of companies/clients at a go.

Unlike most professions, there is no traditional way to begin as a content creator. The only prerequisite is that you be highly creative, disciplined, business savvy, and that you produce engaging content. However, an educational background in a creative field such as graphic design, production, or art would be highly beneficial in building up your skillset and proving your capabilities to potential employers. 

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