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7 Digital Marketing Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2021

In today’s competitive job market, you need a strong resume to stand out from the candidate pool and impress both recruiters and hiring managers. You will want to tailor your resume specifically to the job that you are applying for with relevant keywords, action verbs, and transferable skills. Here are seven digital marketing templates to help you jumpstart your resume in 2021.

Author: Resume Worded Editorial Team
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Digital marketers are specialists in all things marketing; especially in relation to digital platforms like social media digital advertising, and more. They provide creative solutions to help clients recreate their brand to increase awareness of the company and drive sales. Digital marketers will also analyze market trends and identify target audiences as a first step to launching a successful marketing campaign.

The job outlook for digital marketers is estimated to be a 6% increase from 2019 to 2029, which is an increase in over 18,000 jobs. As more companies go digital and as technology becomes more prevalent, the demand for digital marketers will continue to rise. The newest generation of consumers called Gen-Z are well-known for their social media usage and social media will continue to be one of the largest areas of opportunity for marketing.

With that being said, let’s take a look at what successful digital marketing resumes look like in 2021. We will examine seven different templates with different digital marketing positions that leverage your work history and education. Then, we’ll review a list of action verbs to complement your experience and a list of common hard skills that recruiters want in digital marketing candidates.

Digital Marketing Resume Templates

Entry Level Digital Marketing Resume Sample

If you lack work experience but are trying to gain more in your next job, the entry level digital marketing resume is for you. You’ll want to supplement your work experience through internships with your education, alongside any relevant extracurricular activities and projects that you accomplished while in school. Skills related to digital marketing and certifications will further help you to demonstrate a strong educational background for the role.

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