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4 Revenue Cycle Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Revenue cycle management consists of handling administrative patient information in the healthcare industry. RCM systems contain essential account information, such as patients’ medical records, ICD-10 codes, service fees, and insurance information. RCM specialists should ideally have an associate degree in a public health-related field or equivalent professional experience. If you consider yourself to be math-savvy with an interest in the medical industry, this occupation might be for you. Read on to explore some resume tips to help you land a job as a revenue cycle specialist.

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Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
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Revenue cycle management is an administrative process in the medical industry used for optimizing payments and the interaction between patients and healthcare companies. An optimized RCM can impact the organization’s financial goals and customer service. That’s why the role of the RCM specialist is so important. 

A revenue cycle specialist is responsible for determining fees based on ICD-10 codes, managing patient information, and contacting insurance companies to determine patient coverage. Apart from filling this information in RCM systems, they must also follow up with patients to ensure they keep paying their medical bills. 

This role has a combination of customer service and data analytic purposes. You will be regularly in touch with patients to approve or deny medical procedures based on their insurance balance. RCM specialists will also clarify their doubts regarding those approvals or denials and coordinate with them to get the best solutions. 

To become an RCM specialist, you don’t necessarily need to have college-level education. However, it’s preferred by some employers to have at least an associate degree in Public Health or a similar field. Yet, equivalent work experience can help you land a job as a CRM specialist. You can highlight your educational background in your resume by including courses and certificate programs.

This role requires excellent time management skills, so it’s important to emphasize this in your resume. If you’d like to explore more relevant tips, feel free to read below. We’ll guide you to craft your revenue cycle resume, and you can use some of our customizable templates.

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