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4 Loan Processor Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Loans are an important financial tool that most adults will use in their lifetimes. Loan processors are a vital part of the loan approval process. This guide will identify 4 loan processor positions, provide resume templates for each, and give tips on upgrading your resume and getting that dream loan processor job.

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Hiring Manager for Loan Processor Roles
Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith
Senior Hiring Manager
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Most adults find themselves applying for a loan at one point or another, from student loans to mortgages, to broad personal loans. In fact, 77% of Americans have debt. To acquire all these loans, everyone must go through a loan processor. A loan processor acts as a middleman between a loan officer and an underwriter. When one wants a loan, a loan officer will help them decide on the best loans for them, the loan processor will come in to compile all your documents and acquire data that would be needed to make a decision. They then take all this compiled and arranged documentation to the underwriter who makes a final decision on whether you get your loan or not.

Loan processing is largely a female profession, with 79.4% of all loan processors being women. Furthermore, while it is highly recommended for you to have a bachelor’s degree, it is not absolutely necessary. Only 46% of loan processors have a bachelor’s degree, while 19% only have high school diplomas. Soft skills like excellent communication and time management also rank quite high in importance.

This guide will show you have to craft a resume that takes into account all of the above and more. 

Template 4 of 4: Entry-Level Loan Processor Resume Example

Entry-level loan processors will assist more senior loan processors and will often be assigned more mundane tasks. Tasks assigned may include cross-checking documents, checking credit histories, and whatever other paperwork their seniors may need them to do.

You will be given a lot of on-the-job training so a bachelor’s degree in a related field or extensive history in the industry is not always required. You will however be required to at least have some knowledge of loan processing, and any experience in fields like banking or finance would be highly beneficial to your application.

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An entry-level loan processor resume sample that highlights the applicant’s relevant school experience and internships.

Tips to help you write your Entry-Level Loan Processor resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry-Level Loan Processor resume

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