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11 Research Assistant Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Becoming a research assistant is an ideal path for those who love to learn new things and challenge themselves intellectually. With a growing demand for capable research assistants, there’s never been a better time to apply. This guide contains everything you need to land the right position, including essential skills and sample resume templates for you to use.

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Research assistants provide support to individuals or research teams conducting experiments, analyzing data, and collecting information. Many research assistants work in academia for colleges and universities, but are also in demand from research centers, think tanks, public interest groups, and private consulting and market research firms.

Most research assistant jobs are temporary contract positions. While this means that there are fewer permanent roles for those seeking additional job security, it provides a high level of flexibility, with many jobs available part-time. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an employment growth of 5%, which is above the national average.

Becoming a research assistant generally requires at least an undergraduate degree in a related field, though some positions will require postgraduate qualifications. The role is ideal for recent graduates and PhD candidates, as it provides hands-on experience with applied research, including opportunities to publish papers. Whatever your academic background, all positions will require you to possess technical skills, experience in the field, and an aptitude for data analysis, problem solving, communication, and time management.

Template 10 of 11: Entry Level Research Assistant Resume Example

An entry research assistant is someone who helps prepare studies, conduct them, record findings, and synthesize the information. You may work with undergraduate students who will assist you in conducting studies and learn from your area of expertise.

To get a position as an entry level research assistant, you’ll need a strong educational background in science or another technical field. You’ll also need experience assisting with conducting research, great attention to detail, and strong technical writing skills. Usually, people who get roles as entry level research assistants have a combination of relevant education and experiences. Experience using data management tools like SOLIDWORKS and IBM SPSS, as shown in the example resume, is also good to demonstrate.

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A resume for an entry level research assistant with a degree in psychology and previous work experience as a research associate and intern.

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