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2 Environmental Scientist Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Environmental scientists have the rewarding role to minimize hazards in the environment caused by pollution or human intervention. They can work in multiple fields, including universities, industrial companies, and governments. Hence, they enjoy high demand and a positive job outlook. If you have knowledge of environmental science and critical thinking, you might be a good fit for this role. Yet, you may need a high-performing resume to gain visibility. Learn how to craft one with our environmental scientist resume guide.

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Environmental scientists are responsible for identifying hazards that threaten our environment and surrounding communities. Once they’ve identified a potential issue, they conduct research, which includes going to the field to collect samples of water, soil, or food. 

If they’ve encountered a problem, they must develop a strategy to minimize risks or eliminate the hazard completely. This is particularly important when the issue is affecting surrounding communities. 

Most environmental scientists are expected to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in environmental science or a related field. However, this will depend on your potential employer. Yet, it is important that your environmental scientist resume demonstrates your educational background. If you want to stand out from competitors, try to include any relevant certification on your resume. 

Another crucial competency you should include in your resume is your knowledge of environmental laws and compliance. This is particularly important when it comes to those aspiring to work in the industrial or manufacturing fields.

If you want to learn more about resume optimization for an environmental scientist role, read on. We’re about to give you some industry-relevant tips and customizable templates to boost your performance.

Template 2 of 2: Entry Level Environmental Science Resume Example

An entry-level environmental scientist works in the field and labs. They collect samples of soil or water to identify hazardous elements. They usually work under the supervision of more experienced colleagues. That’s why it is important to mention your ability to follow directions and your logical thinking skills on your resume.

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An entry-level environmental science resume template including volunteering experience.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Environmental Science resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Environmental Science resume

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