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12 Data Scientist Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Data scientists are one of the hottest jobs of 2023. However, it’s also one of the most analytical, results-driven, and requires superb use of numbers. If you can show that on your resume, you’ll be on your way to a nice career as a data scientist. Here are five data scientist resume templates to help you get an idea of what to put in your resume.

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If career growth is one of your main qualifications for your next job, a career in data science is perfect for you. According to Towards Data Science, it’s the fastest-growing job on LinkedIn with an estimated over 11 million jobs by 2026.

And it deserves to have such a bright future. You can apply for this job in several industries like e-commerce, IT, business, and much more. Because this field is so versatile, you can apply your skills somewhere that would greatly benefit others, not just a company. For example in healthcare, you can help visualize and manage data necessary for operation procedures.

For a job like this, you need to be good with numbers and data. The ability to use statistics, analyze complex data, simplify it, and present it more easily for others are all necessary components of the job. You’ll need to display these skills, plus some experience with computer programs like Amazon Web Services to handle big data, in your resume. Today, we’ll be sharing with you the tips you need to make a data scientist resume that recruiters will look at.

Template 5 of 12: Entry Level Data Scientist Resume Example

As an entry level data scientist, you'll be dipping your toes into the world of analyzing and interpreting complex data sets to help businesses make informed decisions. While the demand for data scientists has been booming in recent years, competition for entry-level roles can be fierce. To stand out, your resume should showcase your technical skills and demonstrate your ability to turn raw data into valuable insights for the company. Think about highlighting projects where you've used relevant programming languages, machine learning techniques, and data visualization tools.

In addition to showcasing your technical expertise, don't forget to highlight any internships or relevant work experience you have related to data analysis. Companies are not just looking for technical wizards; they are also seeking individuals who can work well with others, translate complex findings into understandable insights, and ultimately drive business growth. Make sure to include any instances where you've collaborated with cross-functional teams or presented data-driven findings to non-technical stakeholders.

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Entry level data scientist resume snapshot

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Data Scientist resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Data Scientist resume

Template 6 of 12: Entry Level Data Scientist Resume Example

Right out of college, you may not have much experience in the field. To supplement that, use your experience in clubs and activities, class projects, and useful coursework to help highlight your knowledge on the subject. Internship experience is essential, as well; any numeric results or accomplishments should be acknowledged. This sample does so by listing the percentages of costs, labor, and hours reduced thanks to their work.

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Entry level data science resume: When you don’t have much on the field experience, use the skills and projects you’ve done that are related to data science to communicate how effective you can be for the role.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Data Scientist resume in 2024

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Data Scientist resume

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