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9 Data Engineer Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2022

Data jobs have evolved greatly over time. Many roles have become more specialized. That means your resume will need to be specialized, too. Here are five examples of data engineer resumes to inspire you. These contain the key details that employers are looking for in applicants.

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Author: Lucy Stratham
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Companies are full of essential data. That data helps with the company’s decision-making, product or service building, and many other elements. Data scientists use that data to help Instagram let you share a story, control the software in a car, and much more. But, data is often extremely messy and not in a format that can be analyzed or used easily. That’s where a data engineer comes in.

As technology grows, data engineers are highly sought after now more than ever. In fact, interviews for data engineers have increased by 40% last year. Companies are spending more on engineers to maintain a proper data infrastructure.

Data engineers are the key to giving data scientists the info they need to use data. They do this by creating pipelines where the data converts into easy-to-understand information for data scientists to use.

To get your resume noticed, you’re going to want it to look neat, organized, and full of relevant experience. You’ll also want to showcase some key technical skills like Python, Java and SQL. Today, we’ll be showing you a few examples of good resumes that will land you your next data engineer job in 2022. Plus, we’ll offer some additional suggestions to make your resume stand out even more.

Template 6 of 9: Entry Level Data Engineer Resume Example

If you’re just starting in the data field, it’s important to list as many relevant skills and experience as possible. Activities that were done while at university are useful to add (plus, use projects if you don't have much formal work experience!). This sample does just that: it lists work experience that uses skills relevant to data engineers. It also details experience taken while being a student through extracurriculars.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Data Engineer resume in 2022

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Data Engineer resume