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15 Data Analyst Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2023

The resume is the first step to landing a data analyst role. We interviewed ten hiring managers and recruiters who hire for data analyst roles and found out exactly what they are looking for in 2023. Plus, we've compiled six templates you can use when writing your data analyst resume (Google Docs & PDFs included).

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Hiring Manager for Data Analyst Roles
Author: Emma Berry-Robinson
Senior Hiring Manager - Data Analyst Roles
19+ Years of Experience

Data analysts are increasingly becoming one of the most sought after technology roles. Companies are storing terabytes and petabytes of data and need to find ways to effectively use this data to drive business decisions. To do this, they not only need to clean, process and analyze their data, but also need to turn that data into meaningful insights.

This is where data analysts come in - i.e. you! In 2023, pretty much every company needs to have a data strategy and, as a result, need to hire data analysts to help with data needs.

The first step to getting a data analyst job is a resume. And writing a data analyst resume can be tough if you haven't done it before.

In this guide, we've compiled six data analyst resume templates that hiring managers and recruiters have said are among the best data analyst resumes they've seen this year. We've chosen examples of resumes from different stages of the data analyst career path, from entry level to senior level data analysts, so there's a relevant example for you. We've also included links to the PDFs and Google Doc formats, along with specific insight from data-focused recruiters that you can use when writing your own data analyst resume.

Template 3 of 15: Entry Level Data Analyst Resume Example

If you're a recent graduate or student, use this entry-level data analyst resume template when applying to jobs. It uses extra-curricular and project sections to supplement your work experience.

Tips to help you write your Entry Level Data Analyst resume in 2023

Skills you can include on your Entry Level Data Analyst resume

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