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50+ Data & Analytics Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2023

Writing your resume is the first step to landing a job in the data & analytics industry. In this guide, we'll show you a curated list of 50 proven resumes that worked for candidates at top data and analytics companies, with samples for you to copy and templates to download.

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Data Entry Resumes

The data entry field requires a minimum amount of training but offers substantial potential for employment due to data entry specialists being in high demand. This guide covers what your data entry resume should include, using four templates as examples and industry-based tips to round it out.

Data Entry Clerk

Even with a varied background, you can emphasize your data entry skills by using strong data entry verbs and numerical data points.
Data entry clerks can wear many hats across different fields. If your experience is similarly varied, you can still emphasize your data entry skills by starting your bullet points with relevant action verbs and including a numerical value for each one.
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Entry Level Data Entry Analyst

Entry level applicants can shine if they focus on data entry roles, skills, or courses they’ve participated in.
Even without significant experience, you can elevate your resume by focusing on your past accomplishments that were relevant to data entry work (like this applicant does). If you took classes related to data entry or technical skills, you should include them, and if any volunteer work or extracurricular activities involved data entry projects, you should include those as well.
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Data Entry Specialist

Experienced data entry specialists should aim to include accomplishments and action verbs that indicate their growth in the role.
If you have a long background in data entry, you should aim to highlight the most impressive achievements in your most recent or current achievements (while having more basic, numerical accomplishments at your older positions) to demonstrate your ongoing progression of skill and responsibility. Data entry specialists should also have experience with data entry technologies and automation tools.
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Data Entry Operator

A data entry operator resume sample that highlights the applicant’s data-entry-specific tools and experience.
A data entry operator is tasked with entering data into computer databases and ensuring that a company’s database is up-to-date and accurate. The work itself may not be very complicated but this position requires you to perform very repetitive tasks while maintaining a high level of attention to detail. You should be able to work efficiently and without much supervision. This position does not generally require a bachelor’s degree, but experience in data entry or a related field is highly preferred. Take a look at this strong data entry operator resume sample.
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