Resume Synonyms for Gained

Want another word for Gained to use on your resume? Our team's compiled the most effective action verbs and synonyms you can use instead of the overused resume phrase, "Gained".

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Getting the job you want is all about making sure you're showing your best self. Your resume is the first step in that process, and it's essential to ensure it's done right. Using the verb 'gained' in your resume is a way to do that—it's a word that implies success.

When you use 'gained' in your bullet points, you're stating that not only can you do something but also that you've already proven your ability by successfully doing it. But one common mistake on resumes is using the same word repeatedly. For instance, listing 'gained' in different places makes your resume feel repetitive rather than cohesive.

The way to fix this is to use synonyms instead of repeating words—switch up the word choice to create a fresher feel and some variety in your resume. For example, instead of saying 'gained,' try something like 'skyrocketed' or 'accelerated.' The key here is to use action verbs that mean roughly the same thing but have different connotations or implications.

Using synonyms in place of repeated words throughout your resume gives it a fresher tone while still conveying all of your essential information in an engaging way.

I've compiled some synonyms you can use instead of Gained on your resume, followed by real examples I've written for clients (feel free to use them!).

Resume Synonyms for Gained:

  • Gathered
  • Grew
  • Achieved
  • Accomplished
  • Acquired
  • Doubled
  • Tripled
  • Accumulated
  • Amassed
  • Enriched
  • Extended
  • Earned
  • Captured
  • Garnered
  • Accelerated
  • Skyrocketed
  • Surged
  • Intensified
  • Peaked
  • Won

How to replace Gained with a stronger action verb:

Let's look at examples of how you can remove and replace the overused phrase, Gained, with a stronger synonym and alternative that is more effective at highlighting your achievements.

Before: Weak example using Gained

Gained additional R&D funding due to work completed

After: Using a stronger synonymAnalyzed Polyhire's market share figures to interpret historical trends that could affect future forecasts; submitted findings to management and received $500K additional R&D funding..

Replacing Gained with Expanded

Before: Gained

Gained experience in designing user interfaces

After: ExpandedExpanded the company’s design capabilities by conceptualizing and executing 10+ intuitive user interfaces for multi-platform applications.

The edited bullet initially replaces the weak verb 'Gained' with a stronger verb 'Expanded'. It also adds specificity, detailing the number of projects and platforms worked on, thus giving a clearer image of the candidate's skillset.

Tip: I've prepared a ton of additional examples for you to give you inspiration. Please click on any of the following to expand and see real examples of how I've rewritten client bullet points.

How to use these synonyms in practice

We've put together an infographic to give you more examples of how to put this into practice. Note the use of strong action verbs instead of words like Gained.

More resume bullet point samples that use strong synonyms

How to use Built on a resume:

Built complete investment pitch books for 4 deals at advanced stages and liaised with 12 prospective international co-investors.

How to use Crafted on a resume:

Crafted strategic plan for a major client with revenues >$40B through insights from market trend analysis, organizational effectiveness diagnostic, and interviews with senior stakeholders.

How to use Founded on a resume:

Founded ReferRoom to organize social events for 500 young professionals, and grew it to $20k/year revenue and $8k/year profit..

How to use Analyzed on a resume:

Analyzed global opportunities for the company's different membership tiers; designed and introduced a new membership tier which is projected to generate 300k new users in its first year.

How to use Created on a resume:

Created a DCF valuation model to analyze a potential IPO of a major technology startup in New York.

How to use Conducted on a resume:

Conducted sector research in TMT space through expert interviews, market reports, and engagement with external advisors; created sector map of big data analytics space; prepared recommendations on attractiveness and feasibility on 6+ prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for Gained on a resume?

You can say Enriched, Garnered or Tripled instead of Gained.

What are other words for Gained on a resume?

You can say Accomplished, Won or Enriched instead of Gained.

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