Resume Synonyms for Determined

Want another word for Determined to use on your resume? Our team's compiled the most effective action verbs and synonyms you can use instead of the overused resume phrase, "Determined".

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Achieving success in your job search depends on a well-written resume. To write a strong one, use action-packed verbs like 'determined.' This word shows that you can take decisive action and make decisions. This is an excellent skill for anyone who wants to be successful in the workplace.

Determined is an excellent action verb—strong, clear, and gets the point across. But on your resume, repeatedly using the word 'determined' can make you seem as though you're trying too hard to show off how great you are. It can also come across as cliché since overused words are no longer impactful or meaningful.

If you find yourself using determined over and over again, you could use other words such as 'assigned,' 'settled,' or 'evaluated.' These words have the same meaning as determined but are more interesting for the reader.

Synonyms can help make your resume more concise and focused. The effective use of these words can help show recruiters and hiring managers what to expect from candidates in terms of skills, experience, and decision-making.

I've compiled some synonyms you can use instead of Determined on your resume.

Resume Synonyms for Determined:

  • Decided
  • Settled
  • Terminated
  • Diagnosed
  • Interpreted
  • Identified
  • Appointed
  • Assigned
  • Delegated
  • Ascertained
  • Confirmed
  • Verified
  • Mediated
  • Researched
  • Evaluated
  • Moderated
  • Concluded
  • Elected
  • Discovered
  • Stipulated

How to replace Determined with a stronger action verb:

Let's look at a before and after example of how you can remove and replace the overused phrase, Determined, with a stronger synonym and alternative that is more effective at highlighting your achievements.

Before: Weak example using Determined

Determined at resolving customer issues immediately

After: Using a stronger synonymTriaged customer complaints and resolved 58 tickets daily within the first month of employment. .

How to use these synonyms in practice

We've put together an infographic to give you more examples of how to put this into practice. Note the use of strong action verbs instead of words like Determined.

More resume bullet point samples that use strong synonyms

How to use Overhauled on a resume:

Overhauled the obsolete legacy source code of two production applications, resulting in increased usability and reduced run time performance by 50%.

How to use Pitched on a resume:

Pitched 25+ stocks to the investment team and portfolio managers, resulting in the addition of 6 stocks to the firm's portfolio with investment returns of more than 15% in 12 months.

How to use Performed on a resume:

Performed financial analysis to evaluate public and private financing alternatives to strengthen client's balance sheet.

How to use Managed on a resume:

Managed a cross-functional team of 10 in 3 locations (London, Mumbai and New York), ranging from entry-level to Ph.D. analysts, and closely collaborated with business development, data analysis, operations and marketing teams.

How to use Analyzed on a resume:

Analyzed 50+ companies to identify potential investments, built valuation models, and visited 90+ members of senior management in Germany, Nigeria, Indonesia and Singapore to evaluate companies' growth outlook.

How to use Reduced on a resume:

Reduced time to render the video by 75% by implementing prediction algorithm and delayed graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for Determined on a resume?

Below are some alternative words and synonyms to add to your resume instead of Determined:

  • Stipulated
  • Evaluated
  • Moderated
  • Diagnosed
  • Appointed
  • Discovered

What is another way of saying Determined on a resume?

Here are some synonyms for commonly repeated words, like Determined, I see on resumes:

  • Interpreted
  • Appointed
  • Delegated
  • Concluded
  • Verified
  • Evaluated

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